Backups are one of those data center utility services that seem unexciting. You need them and need to make sure they work properly, but they aren’t really important and certainly not where you’d choose to invest time, effort, and money.

It’s debatable whether that was ever the right attitude, but it’s certainly not the case now. Today, digital transformation means every aspect of a business is dependent on quick, reliable access to data, and the ability to make and use data copies easily is a critical enabler of transformation.

Backups Underpin Digital Transformation

Here’s how the right approach to backups makes it easier to use and reuse data in a digitally transformed business:

Reduced downtime while creating backups

It’s always been difficult to create backups without disrupting business operations. Today’s big data takes time to backup, with today’s 24×7 business, the available windows are even shorter. It’s vital to find a backup solution that has minimal impact on your ability to conduct business.

Quicker restores

In order to quickly access data from backups, you need to be able to find it quickly and then apply it quickly. This means your backup solution needs to provide an interface that provides tracking and visibility into backups so you know what you have and where it’s located. The solution also needs to be able to restore data rapidly so you can bring systems back online as soon as possible. You should have the option to restore the smallest possible unit of data you need, rather than having to load an entire machine.

Backups are protected

Because backups are vital business data, containing personally identifiable information as well as confidential intellectual property, they need as strong security and data protection as the data on your production servers. With good visibility into backup data, you can ensure appropriate policies are consistently applied.

Data available everywhere

The right backup solution seamlessly allows you to backup and restore data anywhere: in the cloud, in multiple clouds, and on premises.

Application-aware backups

Recovery is complicated when the data you restore isn’t in the consistent state applications need. Backup solutions that respect database state let you ensure you can use the recovered data.

Copy data management

Backup solutions that incorporate copy data management let you offer self-service access to data without generating additional physical copies that need to be managed and secured.

With a modern backup strategy, you can ensure your data is accessible for the uses that will transform your business. VAST IT Services supports Veritas NetBackup, offering managed services that ensure a reliable, efficient backup and recovery support that empowers you to use data effectively. Contact us to learn how to transform backup from a utility process to a key driver of business success.