Managed Services

Taking Ownership of Your IT So Your IT Team Can Focus on Your Business

In an ideal world, your IT team would be filled with specialists with expertise in all the technologies your business uses now and will need to use in the future. Your current infrastructure would run smoothly and the technology team would be focused on expanding your ability to leverage IT for business success.

In the real world, IT doesn’t look like that. IT teams are overloaded with the burden of ensuring system uptime, protecting systems from the unending rush of security threats, and providing support to users. They’re in the trenches fighting today’s fires, not planning for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Managed services from VAST relieve your team of the day-to-day aspects of system management. Our expert professionals take ownership of your systems to provide full 24×7 management, monitoring, and maintenance services. Whether in the cloud or in your own data center, our managed services ensure a foundation of reliable, high-performing IT infrastructure and free your IT team to focus on leveraging technology to achieve business goals.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize Cloud Spending With Data-Driven Decisions

Cloud Management

Get Peak Cloud Performance and Reliability with Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Ecosystem

Manage and Optimize Complex Cloud Infrastructure

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