Managed Infrastructure

Management and monitoring of your on-premise infrastructure

The challenges of managing your on-premise IT environment efficiently while simultaneously running a business can be challenging. In some cases, critical aspects of infrastructure management may be neglected in favor of addressing business objectives and high priority projects. VAST’s expert team provides efficient management to ensure your company’s IT environment meets its requirements.

We understand the importance and difficulties of effectively managing a data center with limited technical resources or expertise. You may be missing the opportunity to introduce new technologies that provide a competitive edge over market rivals. It may be that your systems are not performing optimally and are holding you back from meeting some business objectives.

VAST has your back with managed infrastructure services that allow you to focus on running your business while co-managing your IT environment. We employ a combination of expert personnel, advanced technology, and optimized processes to ensure your data center efficiently handles business operations. Our team can help eliminate skill gaps that may make it impossible to get the most out of your computing environment.

The following are some of the managed infrastructure services we offer our customers:

  • Technology Assessment – VAST’s team has deep experience in all aspects of an IT environment. We will conduct a detailed assessment of your data center and provide suggestions and recommendations for optimizing performance. This may involve tuning your current solutions or introducing new technologies that align with business requirements. Our experts can help you leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning that will help streamline the management process and provide predictive analytics and data insights for overall operational excellence.
  • Performance Monitoring and Incident Response – We provide comprehensive monitoring services designed to keep your systems running at peak efficiency to serve your business needs. Our team is there to quickly address incidents to minimize disruptions that can impact your business. Monitoring also provides insights that may suggest modifying existing processes to optimize the environment and improve operations.
  • Vulnerability Management – Our team works to eliminate vulnerabilities by managing system patching to ensure security updates are promptly applied. This includes regularly scheduled patching as well as ad-hoc or emergency patching to address newly discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Managed Backup – Backups are crucial for recovering from unexpected data loss and addressing compliance with data handling regulations such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS. VAST has decades of experience in protecting companies’ valuable data. We offer a range of backup solutions including cloud backup-as-a-service (CBaaS) to ensure your data is protected and always available for recovery. We’ll show you how to efficiently back up your data without constructing a dedicated, on-premises backup environment.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation – VAST’s disaster recovery services protect your business-critical infrastructure from the uncertainty of manmade and natural disasters. We can leverage the flexibility and resources of the public cloud to develop a streamlined and cost-effective DR solution. We work with you to develop a plan that ensures a fast recovery of the systems your business needs to maintain operations and address customer demands.

VAST Has Your Back

Our managed infrastructure services offer comprehensive support to optimize your IT environment, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity. We take the burden off your shoulders by overseeing the setup, maintenance, and security of your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Whether it’s managing servers, networks, or storage solutions, our experienced team ensures maximum uptime, scalability, and performance. With proactive monitoring and rapid response to any issues, we provide reliable and efficient infrastructure management tailored to your specific needs. Partner with us to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and drive innovation with confidence.

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