Make Cloud Administration Efficient

VAST View Orchestration

Don’t let the cloud’s agility tangle you up in knots. Take control and gain efficiency by using automation and orchestration to ensure resources are used efficiently and best practices are consistently applied.

With the orchestration and automation functionality in VAST View, you’ll achieve continuous optimization of your cloud infrastructure in accordance with your cloud policies. Track and manage your cloud key performance indicators, using orchestration to achieve more efficient and better results. Automate remediation tasks to ensure fixes are consistently deployed across all your cloud resources.

Latest Orchestration Articles

Monitor Cloud Spending as Well as Cloud Performance

In traditional data centers, monitoring is primarily about addressing operational concerns: making sure servers and applications are up and there's enough memory and storage capacity to meet the demand. Once you migrate your workloads to the cloud, monitoring changes....

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Choosing the Right Cloud Provider for Your Workloads

Multi-cloud has become a fact of life in today’s era. More than 90% of organizations use public cloud, and more than 80% have multi-cloud environments. On average, organizations use 4.8 clouds, with enterprises running 32% of workloads in public cloud and 45% in...

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Our cloud management platform provides complete visibility across all your clouds, allowing you to monitor and manage cost, utilization, performance, configuration, and security from a single console.