Create An Integrated Multi-Cloud Environment for Optimum Cloud Advantage

The flexibility of cloud lets you tailor your environment to match your changing needs. Multi-cloud goes even further and offers the opportunity to craft the ideal environment for each workload while reducing risk. Use multiple cloud vendors to select best-in-class technology for each service you need, reduce migration time by matching cloud technology to what each department has in-house, avoid vendor lock-in, and keep your business running despite a cloud outage. 

While multi-cloud offers multiple benefits, it can multiply the challenges of cloud. It isn’t easy to get a view-at-a-glance perspective across all your environments, ensure data protection everywhere, deploy patches and upgrades across all instances, and make sure the backup and recovery strategy treats your environment holistically rather than cloud-by-cloud. 

Supporting multiple clouds requires depth of expertise that takes time to develop. VAST’s partnerships with leading technology vendors, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, enable us to provide support and managed services that give you the best of every cloud you use.

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