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Visibility and Management of On-Premise, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

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The VAST View cloud migration and management journey begins with Discovery and Assessment. It helps answer the ‘what to move, where to move it, and why move it in the first place’ questions. With those insights in hand, migration planning can begin with emphasis on ‘what to do first and how to make it happen’. VAST’s Planning and Migration services will help you answer those questions, and turn your migration plans into reality.

Once your workloads are in the cloud, VAST Cloud Management services can help you control costs, set policy and governance, and optimize your cloud environment with best-practices that will improve ROI and mitigate risk.

Solutions from VAST View powered by VMware Tanzu CloudHealth can be purchased through VAST via AWS Marketplace Private Offer.

VAST View Journey

Vast View™ Ecosystem

Plan your cloud journey with the end in mind.

Discovery and Assessment

What do I have and what are my options?


Where should it live?


What is my roadmap?


How do I manage it?


How do I secure it?


How do I automate it?

Three Pillars of IT

Scalable, supportable IT infrastructure, wherever the devices and services reside.


There are processes that are too sensitive, too risky, or too obsolete to migrate to the cloud. On premises services from VAST brings our expertise in infrastructure, backup, and disaster recovery to your site and frees your team from routine maintenance.


Keep the control of on-premise infrastructure and gain the flexibility of cloud with a private or hybrid cloud in your data center. VAST uses leading technology to create private cloud and hybrid IT environments that provide a reliable, secure, and flexible IT architecture.


Multi-cloud offers the opportunity to craft the ideal environment for each workload while reducing risk. VAST’s partnerships with leading technology vendors, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, enable us to provide support and managed services that give you the best of every cloud you use.

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