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AWS S3 Serverless Capability

Amazon recently launched S3 Object Lambda enabling users to add code to data retrieved from S3 storage. This allows the data to be processed before it reaches the application that called it, enabling use cases such as personally identifiable information (PII) masking,...

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You Will Always Need a Data Center

You’ll never turn out the lights in your data center. Even if the company goal is “cloud only,” there are good reasons to keep some systems in-house: Data privacy regulations Firms that do business in multiple countries need to comply with the data privacy laws of...

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5 Important Considerations for a Cloud Backup Strategy

Migrating to cloud changes many facets of IT operations, including how backups are handled. Existing backup strategies may not fit the cloud environment. Here are five things to consider when you design your cloud backup strategy: 1. The cost of moving data out of...

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Disaster Recovery Tools on AWS, Azure, and GCP

Public cloud simplifies and accelerates the DR process and cuts costs by replacing standby hardware with on-demand cloud resources. If the primary hosting site fails, the disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) system automatically launches applications by initiating...

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