Protecting Data is a Business and Ethical Imperative

Data is your most important asset. It drives the business and operational decisions that determine your business’s future. Protecting data is important to maintain your competitive advantage, build a good reputation, win and retain customers, satisfy legal and compliance regulations, and avoid big fines like the ones GDPR can impose. 

You have more data to protect than ever. It resides in servers and storage devices in your data center, on desktops in your workplace, on mobile devices in the field, and everywhere in the cloud. You can’t just try to keep data inside your network and firewall; you need to protect it wherever it is. That means using a CASB to manage access to data and prevent data loss in the cloud, as well as secure backups that let you ensure data integrity in addition to data availability.

VAST evaluates the risks to your data and develops and implements controls to keep it safe. Vendor partnerships with top technology firms ensure the most effective measures are used to protect you from the latest threats. Ongoing services help you keep up with the evolving risks to data so you remain protected despite changes in the risks.

IT Strategy

IT requires the ability to understand your business needs and envision solutions that apply technology to solve immediate challenges and go beyond to position your business for the future. 

Optimize Your Cloud Spending and Cloud Performance

Working with experienced partners like VAST is the best way to ensure you make the right cloud decisions.

The Three Pillars of Information Technology Rest On A Single Foundation: VAST Support

With 30 years of IT services experience and partnerships with top technology firms, VAST’s services enable you to run your business on a solid base of reliable technology.

Information Technology Services Tailored to Your Technology and Business Needs

VAST offers three kinds of IT services that can be as extensive or focused as your business requires.

Strategic Solutions Driven By Business Needs and Technical Insight

The strategic solutions crafted by VAST help you make the most of the technology you have and ease your transition to a more effective digital business.

The VAST Difference

Since 1989, VAST has been providing enterprise-level IT service and solutions to companies of all sizes and industries across the U.S.