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Build Your Business on Managed AWS

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Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud platform. With a wide variety of services, tools, frameworks, and other features, you can adapt it to solve any business problem—as long as you apply the right skills.

AWS Managed Services from VAST add expert AWS skills to your team. Our certified engineers set up and manage your AWS environment. We handle all the monitoring and maintenance tasks to support your business needs today and prepare systems to meet tomorrow’s opportunities. We support all AWS products, including instances, storage, databases, and messaging.

In addition, AWS makes it easy to run Kubernetes in the cloud with scalable and highly available virtual machine infrastructure and community-backed service integrations.  VAST can help you choose to manage Kubernetes infrastructure yourself with Amazon EC2 or get an automatically provisioned, managed Kubernetes control plane with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a certified conformant, managed Kubernetes service. Either way, you get powerful, community-backed integrations as well as the security, scalability, and high-availability of AWS.

With VAST handling your AWS, your cloud environment is managed according to best practices, industry standards, and your own policies to create a robust, stable, business appropriate platform to develop your business.


Scalable, Cost-Effective Application Recovery

Elastic Disaster Recovery minimizes downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premise and cloud-based applications using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery.

With AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, you can:

  • Save costs by removing idle recovery site resources, and pay for your full disaster recovery site only when needed.
  • Recover your applications within minutes, at their most up-to-date state or from a previous point in time.
  • Use a unified process to test, recover, and fail back a wide range of applications, without specialized skillsets.
  • Gain flexibility using AWS as your elastic recovery site, with the ability to add or remove replicating servers as needed.

Learn more in our factsheetSwitch today and cut your DR savings in half while increasing your reliability, RTO, and RPO times to seconds or minutes.

Customer Spotlight

VAST is our go-to resource for our cloud journey into AWS, providing the engineering help needed to deploy and optimize our environment along with ongoing support.”
– Charles Syperski, President, CWS Software

CWS Software, Lombard IL, is the developer of PowerPTC™, the intelligent parent teacher conference scheduling software for teachers, schools, school districts and parents of students. CWS runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), managed by VAST IT Services.

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VAST provides a broad array of managed and professional services to medium to large companies across the United States. VAST services address the complexity and cost of on-premise, hybrid cloud, or public, multi-cloud environments.