Protect Your Most Important Business Assets With Veritas Alta

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As the scale and scope of data collected by businesses has grown, individuals and regulatory agencies are casting critical eyes on how companies manage this asset. True data protection requires a comprehensive approach. The tools from Veritas Alta™ enhance your team’s ability to understand your data, manage it, protect it, and get the most value from it.

As a Veritas partner for more than two decades and recognized as Veritas’ 2022 Top Growth Regional Business Partner, US, VAST has consistently driven significant year-over-year growth by delivering high quality services and offerings to customers based on its deep expertise in data protection and management across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

VAST partners with Veritas to deploy, support, and provide managed services for the complete portfolio of Veritas Alta cloud solutions and services, including:

Data Protection

Application Resiliency

Data Compliance and Governance

Other Services

  • IT Analytics – IT analytics
  • Data Insight – unstructured data governance
  • TeleHealth Solution – digital compliance to solve telemedicine data challenges
  • Access/Access Appliance – archival and backup storage
  • Backup Exec – simple, complete backup and recovery protection

The Veritas Alta Cloud Platform combines the entire Veritas cloud services and solutions portfolio, helping elevate your business to new heights by enabling business agility and reducing costs, while ensuring data and applications are protected, highly available and compliant.


VAST provides the in depth understanding and high-touch support needed to ensure your data is both protected and available for business use. Veritas Alta solutions can be purchased through VAST via AWS Marketplace Private Offer.