IT Solutions

The Three Pillars of Information Technology Rest On A Single Foundation: VAST Service

Technology has pushed boundaries so far that today’s technology honors no boundaries. The 24×7 internet means there are no time limitations and cloud means there are no space limitations. The digital enterprise is dependent on IT to create products, satisfy customer requests, and collect data and insights that offer competitive advantages.

Today’s IT architectures need to match the limitless demands of the ever-connected world with the limitless possibilities of IT built on the three pillars: on premises, hybrid cloud, and public cloud infrastructure. The limitless possibilities need to be shaped by an understanding of both the technologies and the business. Whether using one, two, or all three pillars of IT, you need one strategy that’s supported and guided by a single vision.

Base your three pillars of IT on a foundation of support and service from VAST. We focus on creating scalable, supportable IT infrastructure, wherever the devices and services reside, and go beyond issues of physical infrastructure and capacity to shore up the pillars with data protection and disaster recovery. With over 30 years of IT services experience and partnerships with top technology firms, VAST’s services enable you to build your business on a solid base of reliable technology.


On premises IT infrastructure requires a top tier IT support team. VAST supports a wide range of technology solutions, allowing us to match infrastructure solutions and services to your business and technical needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Keep the control of on-premise infrastructure and gain the flexibility of cloud with a private or hybrid cloud in your data center. VAST uses leading technology to create private cloud and hybrid IT environments that provide a reliable, secure, and flexible IT architecture.


A single public cloud requires ongoing management, monitoring, and maintenance. Multi-cloud multiplies the challenges. Support and managed services from VAST take the burden of cloud support away from your IT team and free you to focus on using one or more clouds for business success.