When IT Interruptions Happen,
Who’s Got Your Back?

VAST’s tenured team of experts stand behind you and your business
to reduce anxiety about the unexpected.

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VAST is known for deep expertise in data protection and optimizing on-premise computing and cloud services.  Since 1989, we’ve helped you get more out of your data by complementing your team’s strengths, proactively avoiding interruptions, while maximizing your technology return on investment. VAST satisfaction is legendary, with the right support solutions for your unique environment and needs.

Celebrate World Backup Day with the Data Protection Specialists at VAST
In honor of World Backup Day, the VAST team showcase their playful side, proving that they’re not just about firewalls and encryption keys – they know how to have a good time too! But don’t be fooled – VAST understands the importance of protecting your company’s valuable data and resources. Together, let’s celebrate World Backup Day and make sure your IT environment is backed up and protected.

Data Management

Our team evaluates your data protection risks and requirements to develop a solution built on tools from industry-leading vendors.

Digital Compliance

VAST helps businesses implement effective information governance strategies including data protection, automated retention policies and workflows.

Cloud Management & Migration

Control costs, set policy and governance, and optimize your cloud environment with best-practices that will improve ROI and mitigate risk.

Bench Strength for Your Next Technology Crisis

“VAST brings more out of the box thinking, such as unified data management”

We can help you get more out of your data by complementing your team’s strengths and supplementing your expertise. As your first line support, we solve your problems as a team. When VAST gets your call, we do whatever is necessary to make it right!

VAST Expertise
Managed IT Services Provider

Proactively Avoid Interuptions

“VAST learns my requirements and recommends solutions that meet our specific needs”

VAST’s support solutions are engineered and customized to your systems and environment, allowing us to get it right the first time. We help identify new threats, new products, and new and unique uses of existing products.

Get More ROI From Your Technology

“VAST provides concrete plans, not fantasy ware“

VAST improves transparency and accountability of systems and vendors while keeping a repository of your historical system management data. With employee tenure averaging 13 years, we provide unique solutions for your specific needs and engineers that know your business requirements.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“VAST is a partner that allows us to feel prioritized, and they are committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure we get the best possible outcome for our business – they make us feel like we’re more than simply a ticket number.”

Director IT, Digital Platforms, Beverage & Food Industry, Chicago, IL

When you look at historical charts, you can tell when VAST got involved in our patching. There was an immediate downhill trend in the number of vulnerable systems which has continued to decrease until it is negligible, with all systems patched as soon as possible.”  
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Steve McAtee

Chief Technology Officer, ORNL Credit Union

“We had a problem with backups and it was a complex challenge. VAST absorbed the heck out of it and it became a team approach. They are a partner and have not become a vendor.”

Principal Infrastructure Architect, Software, Austin, TX

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Get more done, get more out of your data, proactively avoid interruptions and resolve crises, while maximizing technology return on investment when VAST is your partner.