DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

High-Speed Disaster Recovery Requires DRaaS

Human error and natural disasters can both cause your systems to come crashing down. Minimizing the recovery time and amount of data lost is vital to resuming normal operations and reducing the impact on the business.

Disaster Recovery as a Service provides a highly automated, cloud-based recovery solution. Using cloud eliminates the need to provision a backup site with expensive equipment that usually sits idle. Costs are reduced and the challenge of keeping the backup site sync’d with production is reduced. In addition, DRaaS is highly automated, eliminating the risk of your team making errors as they work through an unfamiliar recovery process during a high-pressure crisis.

VAST provides and supports a DRaaS service built on cloud from the leading vendors. Our experienced DRaaS specialists help you develop and support a disaster recovery process that minimizes your downtime and allows you to resume operations with minimal disruption to both the business and the technology team.


Infrastructure choices have long-term consequences. Make the right decisions and get the support and services you need for success from VAST. Whether you want your IT to be in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment, VAST brings deep knowledge to addressing your technology challenges.

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