“VAST keeps track of all our contracts and never lets me miss any dates. They also open support cases with other vendors like Dell or Oracle or Arista, so our small group of folks don’t not have to be the one tracking down the vendors.” 

—Nate Britton, Director / Senior Manager of Infrastructure for 10+ years

“VAST is not just about the bottom-line. Their people are knowledgeable, understand our partnerships, and work with our best interest in mind.” 

—IT Manager, Major Hospital System in Illinois/Wisconsin

“One of the most important things is that VAST maintains inventory of everything so well. Some companies are terrible at asset management including ours, but VAST always knows everything we have, and when it’s in and out of service. That level of support just always amazes me.”

—Nate Britton, Director / Senior Manager of Infrastructure for 10+ years

“With limited time and so many IT solutions in the marketplace, it is challenging to find the right solution architect for our business that meets our critical needs. VAST came in and moved us to an enterprise hybrid cloud that has now made it possible to scale out workloads with a DR plan. We value and trust VAST’s expertise in the IT space.”

—Tim Blair, Senior Director, Dart Entities