Security Lifecycle Review

Protect Your Cloud With Security Life Cycle Review

Modern IT is highly distributed. Data resides in the data center and in the cloud. It’s hard to keep track of where everything is and what risks it faces as well as whether those risks have been mitigated. Evaluating individual systems separately doesn’t provide enough insight to understand and prioritize the risks you face.

VAST uses Palo Alto Security Life Cycle Review to provide an integrated understanding of your security status. With access to logs from all your systems, SLR gives visibility into your network and risks. Gain a view of the applications users work with, along with the cloud services, the websites, and the files they’re accessing. You’ll identify vulnerabilities along with detecting malware.

Our professional services team uses SLR to help you develop a strategy to protect your systems. Managed services for cloud providers and tools such as Bitglass and CloudHealth ensure your security policies are applied to keep data safe wherever it resides.

Professional Services

Address strategic and tactical concerns with professional services from VAST. Our expertise with a wide range of technologies and industries allows us to understand your requirements and create effective solutions that empower your team.