Cloud Adoption and Migration

Make the Right Decisions About Cloud

Making the choice to use cloud requires more than a single decision. There’s a series of decisions about whether cloud’s right for you, what kind of cloud you need, and how to get there. Using cloud effectively requires understanding your goals, assessing the ability of cloud to support those goals, and balancing the advantages of cloud against the risk. 

Private clouds, hybrid clouds, public clouds, and multiple clouds are all appropriate choices in certain situations. Whether you lift-and-shift, refactor, or rewrite applications to take better advantage of the cloud’s features, the transition needs to be planned, managed, and verified thoroughly to set you up for long-term success in the cloud.

VAST offers experience and insight to help you make these decisions, create a plan, and execute the migration. Partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft give VAST both broad and deep knowledge into current cloud offerings and future capabilities. We use that expertise to help you make the decision to move to the cloud and safely complete the journey there.

IT Strategy

IT requires the ability to understand your business needs and envision solutions that apply technology to solve immediate challenges and go beyond to position your business for the future.