Business Continuity

Build a Business Continuity Strategy That Offers True Protection

Every business today depends on its information technology to keep the business running. Modern technology is more reliable than ever, but devices still break, power goes out, and natural disasters disrupt routine operations. Added to those accidental outages are deliberate attacks by hackers that corrupt data or make it inaccessible.

Protecting business from these threats requires an approach that incorporates backup, data protection, and disaster recovery into a comprehensive business continuity solution. Meeting tight recovery point and recovery time objectives requires a process that’s highly automated but offers flexibility to adapt the recovery process to the scope of the outage.

VAST helps define your business continuity requirements by gaining an understanding of your business processes and the risks and impact of outages. We leverage our partner relationships with Veritas and Veeam, as well as our Disaster Recovery as a Service, to design, implement, and manage modern backup and recovery solutions that offer protection against the many threats facing your data today.