Cloud Access Security

Keeping Data Secure Outside Your Network Perimeter

You can’t keep work inside the company walls or the company network any more. A mobile workforce needs access to data from everywhere. Cloud makes that possible and also offers flexible infrastructure that meets business and technology needs. 

Traditional information security measures like firewalls that focus on keeping data safe within preset boundaries don’t work in this new age of cloud. You need security measures that don’t lock data up; you need security that ensures data moves only where it’s supposed to and keeps it safe wherever it goes. You need a cloud access security broker (CASB).

VAST supports the Bitglass CASB to protect your data in the cloud. You’ll know where data resides, manage who has access, and retain control of your data, ensuring it remains safe even when it doesn’t remain in the office.

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The 3 Recommendations for Cloud Security

Regardless of whether your data resides on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both, you are vulnerable to security threats, data breaches, data loss, and more.

VAST provides a broad array of managed and professional services to medium to large companies across the United States. VAST services address the complexity and cost of on-premise, hybrid cloud, or public, multi-cloud environments.