Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (CBaaS)

Managed Backups to Protect Your Hybrid Cloud Environments

VAST understands the importance of protecting your company’s valuable data resources in today’s challenging business landscape. A robust and reliable backup solution is essential to ensure a companys long-term health and viability. Backups offer businesses protection against human or environmentally triggered disasters and data loss scenarios.

Companies that fail to address the critical nature of backups are taking unnecessary risks that can put them out of business. Ransomware and other types of cybercrime threaten to cripple businesses that cannot quickly recover affected systems and their associated data. Sensitive data needs to be safely backed up to maintain and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

VAST’s Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (CBaaS) powered by Druva offers customers a fully managed backup solution that can handle the complexities of any computing environment.

VAST has your back and provides customers with the following benefits while protecting their IT environment:

      • A fully managed cloud-based backup solution that aligns an organization’s business strategy with its data protection policy
      • Access to cutting-edge data backup and protection technology
      • Fixed pricing for more predictable budgeting
      • Immutable backups to protect sensitive data and demonstrate regulatory compliance
      • Eliminating the cost of building and maintaining the hardware and software necessary for a reliable backup infrastructure
      • Well-designed backup plans that address the needs of your business

Managed Backups Tailored To Your Requirements

VAST’s managed offerings provide four focused backup solutions that address specific areas of your computing environment. The strategic use of these BaaS solutions can completely protect a company’s valuable data.

Microsoft 365

Druva’s inSync BaaS solution simplifies backing up software as a service (SaaS) products such as Microsoft 365. Druva goes beyond the basic backup capabilities of SaaS solutions to fully protect your data. The backup solution is built on the Druva Cloud File System and offers the following key features.

  • Automated SaaS backups using an incremental forever backup model, source-side deduplication, and long-term archiving capabilities
  • One-click SaaS integration with Microsoft 365, G-Suite, and Salesforce
  • Information governance that includes automated compliance monitoring, eDiscovery enablement, and ransomware protection
  • End-to-end data encryption and customer-only access to customer data
  • Cloud-based centralized management, support for single sign-on, and role-based access controls

Public Cloud

Druva’s cloud-based backup solution addresses the gaps in backups offered by public cloud providers. It’s a BaaS offering that combines snapshots, backups, and disaster recovery at an enterprise scale. The following key features make this an excellent choice for protecting data residing in public cloud environments.

  • Flexible backup and recovery policies that can focus on volumes or instances and the ability to perform instant and granular file-level recovery
  • Cyber resilience with secure air-gapped backups, end-to-end encryption, and manual deletion prevention
  • Cost optimization with a reduced TCO and eliminating the need for dedicated IT resources
  • Disaster recovery including the creation, scheduling, and testing of custom DR plans
  • Metadata-based file search that incorporates snapshots and multiple cloud regions for more efficient results
  • Governance and compliance support with data lifecycle management, role-based access controls, and automated reporting


Companies with an on-premise data center or hybrid IT environment face challenges in protecting their data. Druva’s Hybrid Workloads offers a comprehensive backup solution suitable for any on-premises data center. It can handle virtual environments, physical servers, databases, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.  The Hybrid Workloads solution provides the following key features.

  • Cloud backup and recovery with incremental forever backups, unlimited restores, and inline deduplication
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery with RTOs within minutes, RPO of an hour, and automated runback recovery and execution
  • Longterm retention and archiving with no limit on the number of aged snapshots
  • Centralized management with role based access controls and multi-factor authentication
  • Multi-layer ransomware protection that includes zero-trust security, end-to-end encryption, immutable air-gapped backups, and customer-only access to data

Enterprise Endpoints

The mobile workforce and edge computing make it increasingly important to protect enterprise endpoints. Users need the ability to back up and restore data anywhere and at any time. Druva’s inSync BaaS offering addresses the unique requirements of backing up enterprise endpoints with the following key features.

  • Endpoint backup and recovery that includes invisible backup windows, end-user access with self-service restores, and global source-side deduplication
  • Endpoint data management with ransomware protection, data loss prevention, and simple operating system migrations or refreshes
  • Security with customer-only access to data, end-to-end encryption, no encryption key management, and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Enhanced administration with centralized management, integrated mass deployment for endpoints, role based access controls, and single sign-on support

VAST Has Your Back

VAST offer a fully managed backup service that simplifies the process while providing exceptional data protection. They will work with you to determine the right combination of solutions to protect your unique environment. VAST has your back when it comes to data protection. Get in touch with VAST today and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable data is protected against all threats.

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