What Potential IT Disasters Keep You Up at Night?

Disasters happen, sometimes bringing down a single application, sometimes bringing down your entire data center. No matter how careful you are or how good your IT team is, eventually some event will shut down your applications when you really need them up and running. The costs of preparing for disaster can be high, but the consequences of not planning for disaster recovery (DR) can be even higher.

A disaster recovery plan goes far beyond backing data up to tape. That’s a necessary step, but recovering business operations requires more than restoring from last night’s backup. Your disaster recovery plan is about restoring business operations, not just about restoring data. It should be a comprehensive guide with the detailed instructions you need for recovering virtual machines, applications, data, and business operations. The more complete the guide, the less you’ll need to figure out during the crisis.

Start designing your disaster recovery solution by evaluating your needs and recovery objectives. This whitepaper will guide you through that process.