Managed Public Cloud

Unlock the power of limitless scalability and flexibility

Is your company struggling to take advantage of the benefits available in the public cloud? The cloud offers opportunities to access cutting-edge technology, streamline business operations, and save time and money. However, many businesses lack the level of technical resources and expertise required to obtain the maximum value from the cloud.

VAST is committed to helping your company leverage the power of the public cloud. We offer experienced, U.S.-based engineers who work with you to optimize your public cloud presence. Our team provides rapid response to meet SLAs and ensure your business operations run smoothly. We can serve as an extension to your IT department, filling resource and bandwidth gaps.

VAST has your back whether you are considering migrating to the cloud or already have a cloud environment in place. If you are considering moving from an on-premise data center to the cloud, our experts will be with you every step to help facilitate a successful migration. Organizations with an existing cloud presence will benefit from the deep experience we bring to our managed public cloud services. We’ll optimize your cloud environment and ensure you are getting the most out of your cloud investment.

Let’s look at how we assist you on the path to public cloud and what we can do for you once you have arrived in the cloud.

Managed Public Cloud Migration

VAST offers our customers a customizable suite of services designed to provide a smooth migration from your on-premise IT environment to a new home in the public cloud. We make sure you have everything you need to maximize the cloud and use it to support business objectives and help your company advance. The following are some highlights of VAST’s managed public cloud migration services.

  • Cloud assessment – Our team conducts an extensive analysis of your current IT environment and business requirements. Based on this assessment, we can help you plan a migration that aligns with your business objectives. We can tailor the migration by rebuilding or revising your current infrastructure to take full advantage of the cloud. Our team will present opportunities for modernization including SaaS and PaaS solutions that address your business requirements. Services such as Amazon RDS and FSx will be considered to ensure cloud resources are used efficiently.
  • Security Buildout – Migrating to the cloud introduces new security challenges that need to be effectively addressed to protect your company’s valuable data assets. Our cloud security experts will construct a secure environment using next-gen firewalls and other technologies to manage security posture, and can employ effective third-party offerings to provide managed detection and response to address vulnerabilities that can put your business at risk.
  • Migration Services – We migrate your workloads to the cloud with minimal impact on business operations. VAST provides project management to keep the migration on track. We work with your business, not just your IT department to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the cloud. Post-migration verification is provided to guarantee a successful transition. We don’t just get you to the cloud, we make sure the cloud provides the environment your business needs to thrive.
  • Cloud Monitoring and Management Services – VAST monitors your public cloud environment utilizing our unified management platform and VAST View solutions to assist with visibility, control, governance, resource utilization, right-sizing, cost optimization, and security and vulnerability management.
  • Disaster Recovery – VAST architects disaster recovery based on application tiering to address the specific needs of your company. We provide disaster recovery services that address your business-critical systems and ensure minimal downtime with a rapid and efficient recovery. VAST understands the importance of recovering rapidly and effectively to address unexpected outages.

Managed Public Cloud Support

Businesses that have already transitioned to the cloud can achieve substantial benefits by engaging VAST’s team of cloud experts to optimize and manage their IT environments. Our managed public cloud support includes the following components.

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Security Assessments – We take a deep look at your existing infrastructure and cybersecurity posture to identify areas that can be improved or optimized. We’ll help identify new technologies and solutions that address business objectives and provide real value for your company. Our team ensures your data is secure and your cloud environment provides the required performance for your business.
  • Managed Detection and Response – VAST offers various managed detection and response services designed to protect your business from emerging threats. Effective detection and response platforms help identify and prevent risky behavior that can impact your company.
  • Managed Cloud Backup – We offer a wide range of backup solutions and will help you choose the one that best fits the needs of your business. Our cloud backup-as-a-service (CBaaS) is a cost-effective solution that is fully hosted and managed, continuously optimized, and inherently secure. You can rest easy knowing your data is safely backed up, cyber resilient, and available for recovery from any type of data loss scenario.
  • Cloud Monitoring and Management Services – Our cloud monitoring and management services ensure your environment is operating efficiently to address your business objectives. VAST View is a comprehensive cloud management platform that improves ROI, streamlines operations, reduces risk and simplifies management responsibilities. Well help optimize your cloud spending to make sure you are not wasting money on unnecessary resources.
  • Disaster Recovery Management – We work with you to identify business-critical infrastructure components and design a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Our team helps develop a DR plan based on your specific requirements regarding uptime and RPO and RTO. Multi-zone recovery offers enhanced resiliency to address large-scale outages. In todays uncertain world, protection from natural or manmade disasters is crucial to the survival of any business.

VAST Has Your Back

Our managed public cloud services provide you with the expertise and support needed to navigate the complexities of cloud computing. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we tailor our solutions to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency every step of the way. With our dedicated team of cloud experts overseeing your infrastructure, you can focus on innovation and growth, knowing that your data is secure, compliant, and always available. Let us streamline your cloud operations, empowering your organization to thrive.

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