On Premise IT Services Give You the Home Field Advantage

There are processes that are too sensitive, too risky, or too obsolete to migrate to the cloud. There are also business considerations driving enterprises to keep workloads on premises, including reluctance to surrender control and concerns about vendor lock-in.

Retaining control of IT infrastructure and services gives you the power to decide how they will function, along with the responsibility for how they will perform. You own your IT solutions along with your IT challenges. You have your own team of IT experts with insight into your business and understanding of the technology you use, but they’re too often tied up with day-to-day support to leverage the technology in ways that give you competitive advantages.

On premises services from VAST brings our expertise in infrastructure, backup, and disaster recovery to your site and frees your team from routine maintenance. Not limited to any one technology solution, VAST has partnerships with an array of industry-leading technology vendors. We’re able to identify the product and solution that best fits your specific environment, then configure and monitor it to ensure optimal functioning.

You get the benefits of top technology solutions without distracting your IT team from leveraging IT to take advantage of business opportunities—the reason you have an IT team in the first place.

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