Red Hat

Optimizing your IT environment with open source software

Red Hat enjoys a well-earned reputation as the IT industry’s leading provider of open source enterprise software. The company offers customers a wide variety of solutions that address many aspects of managing and optimizing an IT environment. Red Hat’s portfolio of cutting-edge products ranges from operating systems to automation solutions and is used extensively by businesses across all market sectors.

VAST has formed a strategic partnership with Red Hat that enables them to offer customers exceptional support for the company’s full slate of software solutions. Your company can leverage VAST’s expertise with Red Hat products to ensure you maximize their benefits to your business. We help you implement the right solutions to meet your business objectives.

Red Hat’s open source software addresses the challenges companies face when developing and maintaining an IT environment to effectively satisfy business requirements. Following are the company’s major solution offerings supported by VAST.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is an excellent choice for organizations looking to migrate to a stable and optimized Linux platform. RHEL provides an extensive set of features that sets it apart from other Linux distributions. Subscriptions provide 24×7 support and enable access to all supported versions of the operating system. Organizations can upgrade and adopt new features on a schedule that meshes with business objectives.

RHEL includes:

      • Support for a wide range of hardware platforms including x86, ARM, and IBM Power;
      • Red Hat Insights, a managed service for analytics and problem remediation to maximize uptime;
      • Installation and migration tools to deploy RHEL across multiple clouds;
      • Built-in security and compliance support with features like live kernel patching and security standards certification;
      • Consistent performance for mission-critical workloads.

Red Hat OpenShift AI

Red Hat OpenShift is a hybrid cloud application platform designed to streamline developing, modernizing, deploying, running, and managing applications. The platform provides a consistent experience across all types of infrastructures including public cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises, or edge computing.

OpenShift AI features include:

      • Application development and delivery support to go from application code to container;
      • Modernization of existing apps by taking advantage of cloud-native app development and delivery;
      • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) powered intelligent applications;
      • Edge computing support for extending application services to remote locations.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Automation is increasingly important in businesses of all sizes. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform offers end-to-end automation support for software deployment, system configuration, and management of advanced workflows. Customers can create and manage automated processes across their complete IT environment.

Features and benefits of the Ansible Automation Platform include:

      • The ability to expand automation across the enterprise with centralized management and reporting;
      • A container-like approach to building and scaling automation;
      • Automation content from over 100 certified partners;
      • User interface options for controlling automation by administrators and operators.

VAST will help your company leverage the power of Red Hat solutions to modernize your IT environment and maintain a competitive and technological edge.