Redefining Data Management and Protection

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Data security and management are essential in today’s data-driven business environment. Without effective data security, an organization’s valuable data assets are at risk from cybercriminals and malicious actors. Managing the tremendous volume of enterprise data available efficiently is necessary to extract the maximum value from the information. Companies need to implement cost-effective and proven data security and management solutions.

VAST’s partnership with Cohesity gives our customers access to the data security and management features of the Cohesity Data Cloud. This unified platform secures and manages your data no matter where it is located, making it a perfect solution for businesses with a mobile workforce or multi-cloud environment. The Cohesity Data Cloud provides comprehensive features that include:

      • Immutable backup and recovery at scale;
      • Intelligent threat detection and cyber vaulting;
      • Streamlined data access and mobility;
      • Data insights through search, classification, and analytics.

VAST’s managed services leverage the power of the Cohesity Data Cloud to provide robust data security and management capabilities. With your data secure and efficiently managed, you can concentrate on addressing your business objectives.


Unique Security to Counter Evolving Threats

Capabilities to tighten control and management of privileged administrative accounts,  preventing threat actors from deleting backup data or changing backup schedules.

Coverage for Enterprise Scalability

Hardware, software, and cloud platform support with the ability to have fine-grained backup and restore control, allowing organizations to improve their data resiliency coverage and execute more precise recovery operations.

Simplified Support for Files and Objects

Industry-leading management and recovery options, which allows organizations to recover files and objects more effectively and monitor utilization.

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Data Cloud

A single, software-defined platform that consolidates data and applications.


Simple, comprehensive, enterprise-grade replace with backup and recovery.


SaaS-based, global data and application management.


Backup and Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Replication

Long-Term Retention and Archival

Scale-Out Storage

Development and Test

Security and Compliance




VAST provides full 24×7 management, monitoring, and maintenance services of your data security.


Whether for assessment, design, implementation, or support, VAST expertise is focused on solving your technical challenges.


Complex problems often require complex solutions. VAST has the skills and expertise needed to support these solutions.

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VAST is a full-service Cohesity partner, offering professional, managed and support services for the Cohesity platform, applications and appliances. VAST services address the complexity and cost of on-premise, hybrid cloud, or public, multi-cloud environments. Solutions from Cohesity can be purchased through VAST via AWS Marketplace Private Offer.