Redefining Data Management and Protection

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Secondary storage doesn’t deserve second-class treatment. There’s value in these files, for analytics and development or test use. With Cohesity hyperconverged infrastructure, you get backup storage and an end-to-end backup and recovery solution that provides data protection and allows you to work with the data directly on the Cohesity device.

Turnkey Cohesity from VAST makes your secondary storage our first priority. The solution offers out-of-the-box hyperconverged data platform services. VAST provides managed services that reduce costs, consolidate your secondary storage, simplify data protection and recovery, and integrate with public cloud. With full support and 24×7 monitoring of Cohesity, you’ll get first-class results from your secondary storage while your team is freed up to focus on primary business objectives.  

Mass Data Fragmentation Challenge


Backup and Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Replication

Long-Term Retention and Archival

Scale-Out Storage

Development and Test

Security and Compliance




A single, software-defined platform that consolidates data and applications including backups, files, objects, dev/test, and analytics.


Simple data protection with under five-minute recovery point objectives (RPOs) and instantaneous recovery time objectives (RTOs).


A single view and global management of all your Cohesity-managed data and applications.



VAST provides full 24×7 management, monitoring, and maintenance services of your secondary storage.


Whether for assessment, design, implementation, or support, VAST expertise is focused on solving your technical challenges.


Complex problems often require complex solutions. VAST has the skills and expertise needed to support these solutions.

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VAST is a full-service Cohesity partner, offering professional, managed and support services for the Cohesity platform, applications and appliances. VAST services address the complexity and cost of on-premise, hybrid cloud, or public, multi-cloud environments. Solutions from Cohesity can be purchased through VAST via AWS Marketplace Private Offer.