Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often challenged with obtaining the optimal benefits of advanced technology solutions. A lack of skilled technical personnel can impede a company’s ability to use technology effectively to address business objectives and requirements. Organizations can incur substantial costs while not getting the expected performance or functionality.

This issue can be especially problematic when discussing data management and security solutions. An organization’s data is its most valuable asset. A company’s data resources must be managed and protected effectively. VAST partners with Cohesity to offer top-notch support to companies using Cohesity’s data management and protection products.

The Benefits of Working With VAST and Cohesity

VAST’s mission is to provide IT services and infrastructure management that reduce customer costs and improve operational efficiency, allowing them to focus on their business priorities.

Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, offers a unified platform that enables you to effortlessly manage data across a variety of sources from a single UI—ensuring data security and availability, and simplifying complexity.

Together, VAST and Cohesity help companies optimize their data security and data management and meet the evolving business, cyber and data resiliency needs of organizations in the modern digital age.

Today’s customers have complex data center environments and look for vendors to help them manage them while delivering positive experiences.

VAST is a Premier Partner in the Cohesity Partner Program. They also have technical expertise supporting the post-sale experience as part of Cohesity’s Partner Support Program, authorizing them to deliver L1 and L2 Support to customers. VAST has also achieved Professional Services (PS) authorization in Data Protection and File and Objects. Additionally, VAST’s team of technical experts has obtained certifications from Cohesity, signifying their knowledge and expertise.

Customers can benefit from the expertise of VAST’s technical staff, specifically regarding Cohesity solutions, in the following ways.

  • Engage the Experts – The most important advantage of working with VAST is ensuring a business achieves the desired level of data management and protection provided by Cohesity’s solution portfolio. VAST’s Cohesity experts remove a customer’s uncertainty regarding their effective use of the products.
  • Reduce IT Burden – Allowing VAST to manage these solutions frees up valuable resources for other purposes, such as growing the business.
  • Always Available Support – VAST’s 24/7 support center is always ready to address issues, and the collaborative partnership with Cohesity provides the framework to resolve issues before they impact your business.

Together, the AI-powered data security and management solutions offered by Cohesity, and the stellar support offered by VAST will give your company a competitive edge by accelerating the time to value of your Cohesity investment. Talk to a VAST expert today and learn how easy it is to get started with a Cohesity solution.