Cloud Services

Optimize Your Cloud Spending and Cloud Performance

Cost Optimization

Cloud offers the potential to reduce your technology costs, as long as you choose the right-sized resources and manage them effectively. Cost optimization services from VAST provide insight into your cloud spending and cloud utilization and provide actionable plans to manage your cloud spending wisely.

Cloud Management

Using cloud reduces the time and effort you need to spend on IT management and support, but that effort doesn’t go away completely. VAST’s cloud management services handle all routine support and maintenance and ensure your cloud is a reliable foundation for your business processes.

Cloud Access Security

Data used to be restricted to moving within the network perimeter, but cloud now means data resides outside the boundary and is accessed from everywhere. Keeping data safe now requires more than firewalls and border controls; it requires a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that protects data beyond boundaries.

Amazon Web Services

Get the support you need to make Amazon Web Services an effective platform for your business technology needs. The VAST team of certified professionals supports the entire range of AWS cloud products, including servers, storage, databases, and messaging.

Microsoft Azure

Keep Microsoft as your business IT foundation when you use Microsoft Azure cloud. VAST provides support for all routine and specialized Azure services, including monitoring, maintenance, security, and problem resolution.

Google Cloud Platform

Complete support and managed services turn Google Cloud Platform into a robust basis for all your applications. VAST handles all daily maintenance, monitoring, security, and problem resolution.

VAST View™

Don’t let cloud block visibility into your critical systems. VAST View does more than just let you see your cloud status; it gives you an integrated view into your complete infrastructure and empowers intelligent management and optimization.

Cloud has gone from experimental to fundamental. Today’s businesses that intend to be tomorrow’s businesses depend on dynamic cloud environments to provide flexible, low-cost technology that rapidly adapts to changing business needs.

Using cloud requires a series of complex decisions, including which kind of cloud to implement, which cloud vendor to use, and how to size cloud instances. Once the cloud architecture is determined, migration projects need to be planned and executed. The cloud then requires ongoing support and monitoring to keep performance, security, and spending at optimal levels.

Working with experienced partners like VAST is the best way to ensure you make the right cloud decisions. VAST works with all major cloud providers and partners with top third-party vendors to ensure high levels of support and performance. Whether solving a short-term problem or providing ongoing managed services, cloud services from VAST span cloud models and cloud vendors to ensure your cloud is optimized for your business.