Microsoft 365

The Subscription Solution for Critical Office Software

Work has changed, and it will never be the same again. Employees are distributed, working at the office, at home, and out in the field. At the same time, work has grown more collaborative. Communications and the ability to share documents is essential for teams to function.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) makes it possible for these distributed, collaborative teams to function. This subscription-based access to Microsoft’s key office software is always available, easily accessed from anywhere, and fully supported.

Microsoft 365 offers businesses these key advantages:

  • Productivity. The modern, remote or hybrid work model is fully supported, with e-mail, business software, communications tools, file sharing, and Microsoft Teams for collaboration.
  • Security. Microsoft 365 protects against viruses, malware, ransomware, spam, and more. Integrated threat protection products help detect and respond to attacks on endpoints, identities, data, and applications.
  • Cost Containment. Paid for on a subscription basis, costs are easily adjusted as users come and go.

As a result of these benefits, Microsoft 365 has become the most widely used cloud service. To make the switch, start by understanding your current usage of Office products, build your migration plan, test your plan, and execute the rollout.

VAST Provides a Broad Array of Microsoft 365 Services


Expertise and assistance to help companies successfully migrate to Microsoft 365 with continued support after the migration is complete.

Subscription Management

Manage your subscriptions with the VAST MyCloud Portal for self-management of Microsoft 365 services.

Cost Optimization

VAST provides a Microsoft 365 usage analysis to maximize use and benefits, resulting in optimized utilization that provides the most value for the spending.

Data Protection

Businesses need additional tools to achieve true data protection that keeps data safe and satisfies compliance requirements.

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Microsoft 365 Assessment

Request a review of your existing M365 environment and discover any waste and opportunities for optimization, while learning how to manage your M365 subscription.

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