Microsoft 365 Subscription and Usage Review and Cost Optimization

Apply Cloud Optimization Strategies to Microsoft 365

Like all cloud-based services, Microsoft 365 costs will vary with usage. Weak monitoring and poor controls mean Microsoft 365 will be used inefficiently and money will be wasted. Many users often are not leveraging the majority of the Microsoft 365 core services and re-leveling or properly deploying the Microsoft 365 technologies you are entitled to will ensure waste is minimized.

VAST reviews Microsoft 365 usage and reviews subscriptions to identify unneeded licenses or where additional services included in the licenses can be adopted to maximize use and benefits, resulting in optimized utilization that provides the best total cost of ownership.

Additionally, VAST can scan and review your on-premise applications to help prevent the use of unwanted or conflicting software and further assist with the adoption of Microsoft 365. Not only could this yield even more savings by eliminating redundant applications, but it can help your organization enhance security and meet compliance requirements.

VAST’s Microsoft 365 Usage and Subscription Review Includes:

VAST provides Microsoft 365 services and support, as well as, a full suite of other IT services.