Information Governance

Balance Access and Compliance Through Strong Information Governance

Information governance and data governance are how you manage the use of your data. They require understanding your data, ensuring its integrity and validity, protecting it against unauthorized use, and maintaining compliance with all legal and ethical requirements. You also need to keep up with new data as it’s created and manage the workflow to satisfy compliance and legal discovery requests and GDPR access requests.

There’s a balancing act between controlling data too tightly and not controlling it tightly enough. VAST helps businesses implement effective information governance strategies through Veritas Enterprise Vault. Our team helps you migrate your data and works with your team to automate retention policies and workflows. You get the right level of control for the right level of cost and effort.

Information Management

Ensure that you have the right information management tools in place so that you have the right data in place. To do this, you need a range of technology including data protection, information governance, and archiving.