Cloud Infrastructure

Match Your Cloud to Your Business Needs

You know cloud is the future, but you don’t know what that means for your business. Choosing the right cloud model, right cloud vendor, and right cloud services are high-stakes decisions that will impact your business’s ability to grow and respond to changes in the business environment. Get the decision right and you evolve your current IT to an agile, future-focused state. Get it wrong and you end up with tougher technical challenges than you started with.

VAST has deep knowledge of all cloud architectures. Our professional services assess your current environment to determine whether you need IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, and whether you should build public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. As partners with all the major cloud vendors, we identify the best fit for your business, budget, and data security needs. We carefully design migration strategies, smoothing out security, capacity, and other challenges along the way. Ongoing managed cloud services ensure your cloud architecture is always a match to your business needs.

Professional Services

Address strategic and tactical concerns with professional services from VAST. Our expertise with a wide range of technologies and industries allows us to understand your requirements and create effective solutions that empower your team.