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Pierce the Cloud Layer for Total Visibility into Your IT

Managing systems effectively is only possible when you have visibility into your systems. It’s difficult to get good visibility when your infrastructure is in the cloud, especially when it’s distributed across multiple public clouds, hybrid clouds, and private clouds.

Overcome those challenges and get a clear view of your total system status with VAST View. Our cloud management platform provides complete visibility across all your clouds, allowing you to monitor and manage cost, utilization, performance, configuration, and security from a single console. With VAST View, your distributed IT becomes an integrated environment you can analyze as a whole in order to achieve overall optimization rather than piecemeal improvements.

VAST View™ is powered by CloudHealth, the most trusted cloud service management platform, providing business intelligence across your multi-cloud environment.

VAST View™ Benefits

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Primary Use Cases

The VAST View™ platform acts as a single pane of glass to improve the efficiency and governance of your diverse and dynamic cloud ecosystem.

Governance and Automation

Set policies that automate day-to-day operations, speed decision making, and reduce risk.

Cost Management

Simplify budget tracking, monitor increases in spend, and find opportunities to lower your cloud bills.


Analyze usage and performance to identify under – or over – utilized infrastructure.

Reserved Instance (RI) Management

Manage the full life cycle of RIs — from purchases, amortization, and optimization, to modifications and automated policies.


Get alerts and notifications for non-compliant accounts and assets, so you stay one step ahead of security issues.

Migration Planning

Assess and model workloads for migration to the AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds.

Who is VAST View™ For?


VAST View saves your company time and money by letting you report on your public cloud, private cloud, and data center spend by cost center.

IT Ops | Tech Ops | Cloud Ops

VAST View helps reduce spend, improve security, and save employee time by driving efficiency and governance in your public cloud and data center infrastructure.

Engineering | Dev Ops

VAST View helps you eliminate waste, boost employee productivity, and improve standardization through automation, governance, and visibility into your public cloud & data center infrastructure.

VAST View™ Cloud Management Platform

Confident decision-making and smarter growth through ‘single pane of glass’ management of your private and public clouds.

Comprehensive cost management with visibility into allocation, reallocation, budgeting, and amortization to drive accountability, as well as utilization recommendations to rightsize your EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes. Our Reserved Instance (RI) management capabilities enable you to drive new cost savings, and you can effectively govern your environment by leveraging our automated policies with built-in CIS and AWS Security Best Practices.

VAST View™ delivers burndown reporting to track your Enterprise Agreement spend versus commit, with resource-based grouping across all subscriptions, cost centers, and enrollments. Our rightsizing capabilities give you recommendations for boosting efficiency of Virtual Machines and SQL Databases, and you can mitigate risks with customizable policies and automated actions.

VAST View™ provides the most reliable solution to manage your Google Cloud environment. You can overcome visibility challenges with both a high level and detailed view into resource cost and usage across all Projects. VAST View™ governance policies will reveal the cause of spend increase anomalies and help you control your cloud spend.

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Working with experienced partners like VAST is the best way to ensure you make the right cloud decisions.

The Three Pillars of Information Technology Rest On A Single Foundation: VAST Support

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Strategic Solutions Driven By Business Needs and Technical Insight

The strategic solutions crafted by VAST help you make the most of the technology you have and ease your transition to a more effective digital business.

The VAST Difference

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