More companies are adopting multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments to address their business objectives. Many organizations have found that there is great value in diversifying their cloud computing investments and identifying specific services and solutions that best fit their needs. Companies have found they can better align cloud resources with business requirements with multiple partners.

This has led to the development of more complex environments that are challenging to manage and protect. We are going to look at some of the specific challenges of providing security for a cloud environment. We’ll also look at an effective managed solution your company can leverage to improve its cybersecurity posture.

The Challenges of Implementing Effective Cloud Security

Cloud environments pose significant challenges regarding the implementation of robust and effective security measures. Following are some of the most impactful challenges that need to be addressed by businesses with a cloud presence or that are considering migrating some or all of their environment to the cloud.

  • Misconfiguration of services and components can be a problem for many organizations that do not have experience with cloud resources.
  • The lack of a viable cloud strategy and effective architecture can result in an overly complex and distributed environment that is difficult to secure.
  • Incomplete visibility into cloud resources is a major impediment to effective security. It’s impossible to protect systems or devices when you are unaware that they exist.
  • Unapproved use of cloud services by departments or individuals can result in Shadow IT that is outside the control of the organization and provides additional attack vectors that can be exploited by threat actors.
  • Poor identity and credential management can lead to data breaches by unauthorized internal entities.
  • Insufficiently experienced staff members who don’t understand the complexity of implementing security in the cloud can expose an organization to unnecessary risks.

The failure to address these and other cybersecurity issues related to their cloud environment exposes companies to data breaches and malicious exploits that negate the benefits of cloud computing.

What is VAST View Cloud Management?

VAST View is a comprehensive cloud management solution that addresses all aspects of planning and executing cloud migration. The platform provides effective and efficient management of cloud IT resources to ensure optimal performance and maintain the security of your valuable data assets.

The following overview of the components of VAST View illustrates the ways it enhances a company’s ability to manage and secure its cloud environment. Customers can take advantage of any or all of these components based on their current cloud environment and specific business needs.

VAST View Functionality

VAST View’s core functionality as a cloud management solution collects, consolidates, and analyzes data from cloud providers using open APIs. The platform supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Lightweight agents are available to gather performance and configuration information from hosted and local systems.

Information can be organized based on business groups that provide a holistic view of the environment to identify what is working well and what may need to be modified to improve performance. VAST View transmits and stores all data securely using AES 256-bit encryption. Detailed instructions are provided on configuring credentials to ensure only authorized personnel can access resources without putting sensitive data assets at risk.

Cloud Essentials

VAST View provides essential features required to understand your cloud environment. Cost and usage reporting help maximize the IT budget and identify over-provisioned resources that can be scaled down. Consolidated and simplified billing reduces the challenges of managing a company’s cloud investment.

Optimization and Management

VAST View is designed to help your organization optimize its cloud environment and extract maximum performance while staying within budgetary limitations. Multiple features are designed to further this goal.

  • Cloud health checks are performed to confirm the performance and availability of all contracted resources.
  • Cost and usage analysis can help pinpoint areas that need to be addressed to maximize spending and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Performance rightsizing looks at the environment objectively and offers recommendations for fine-tuning resources to better address business objectives.
  • Onboarding assistance is provided to ensure your company and employees can use cloud resources effectively.
  • A comprehensive quarterly review gives decision-makers a consolidated picture of the environment so they can determine the most efficient way to move forward.

Governance, Policy, and Security

VAST View managed services help companies implement the necessary data governance and security measures to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and that all sensitive information is kept secure. We assist with developing the data governance and security policies and rules that align with your business objectives and protect your valuable information. Real-time logging, monitoring, and tracking are employed to enforce the policies and secure data resources.

Orchestration and Automation

VAST’s services include managing your cloud environment based on organizationally defined KPIs. We provide continuous optimization, data governance, and security including automated incident remediation. We ensure that VAST View is fully integrated with your applications and third-party tools to minimize management complexity.

How Vast View Improves Security

VAST View provides the visibility and functionality required to improve the security of any organization’s IT environment. You’ll know where all of your resources are located and how they are being used at all times. The platform is equally efficient when implemented in an on-premises, single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid infrastructure. The company’s partnerships with industry-leading IT vendors allow them to identify the most effective solutions to address your business objectives. They can add protective layers to your security with efficient backup and recovery solutions that keep your data safe.

In addition to the visibility offered by VAST View, its real-time monitoring capabilities enable issues to be detected before they become business-impacting problems. Automated remediation effectively addresses common issues without requiring intervention from your busy technical resources. VAST’s experience in developing security policies will provide your organization with a security landscape that allows data to flow for business purposes and protects information from unauthorized use or exploitation.

Talk to the experts at VAST and see how easy it is to get started with VAST View to improve the security of your cloud environment.