IT Strategy

Strategic Solutions Driven By Business Needs and Technical Insight

If you can express your requirements, anyone with technical skill can build what you want. The real challenge is building what you need, which requires more than understanding technology. It requires the ability to understand your business needs and envision solutions that apply technology to solve immediate challenges and go beyond to position your business for the future. 

The VAST team draws on its depth of technical expertise to custom-craft IT solutions matched to your business. Solutions are tailored to the problem, whether you need to improve an existing process, add a new component, deploy a new technology, or adopt a new methodology.

The strategic solutions crafted by VAST help you make the most of the technology you have and ease your transition to a more effective digital business. By thoroughly understanding your needs, we help you leverage the latest technology to overcome your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths. With the ability to provide services on site and in the cloud, along with a wide array of vendor partnerships, VAST conceives and implements strategic solutions focused on optimizing your use of technology in support of your business.


Infrastructure choices have long-term consequences. Make the right decisions and get the support and services you need for success from VAST. Whether you want your IT to be in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment, VAST brings deep knowledge to addressing your technology challenges.


Become a more agile business through applying technology effectively. VAST services help you determine the right approach to digital transformation and implement solutions that position your business for success.

Cloud Adoption and Migration

The many cloud options can make cloud decisions difficult. Leverage the expertise of VAST to choose the right solution from AWS, GCP, and Azure public clouds, along with private and hybrid cloud options. Our team helps you explore your options and develops and implements strategies that let you use cloud to power your business into the future.

Business Continuity

System outages have business consequences. Business continuity and disaster recovery services from VAST help you reduce the risks and minimize the damage.


Understand threats to your information security and take steps to protect it with security services from VAST. Our reports provide comprehensive insight into your vulnerabilities and guide you to effective approaches to keeping your data safe.