Cost Optimization

Optimize Cloud Spending With Data-Driven Decisions

Clouds in the sky drift. Your cloud spending shouldn’t. The pay-per-use nature of the cloud offers the potential for low spending, however the on-demand, self-service nature of the cloud makes it easy to lose those benefits by using resources inefficiently.

Make smart sizing decisions before you migrate to cloud and then optimize cloud spending once you’re there. VAST combines its cloud expertise with its VAST View cloud management tool powered by CloudHealth to gain visibility into your cloud spending and cloud utilization across all your cloud platforms. Cost and utilization data is tracked to generate trend analysis, provide genuine insight, and create actionable plans to improve efficiency, performance, and budget.

In addition, VAST can help you run Kubernetes in the cloud with scalable and highly available virtual machine infrastructure and community-backed service integrations with AWS.  You can choose to manage Kubernetes infrastructure yourself with Amazon EC2 or get an automatically provisioned, managed Kubernetes control plane with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a certified conformant, managed Kubernetes service. Either way, you get powerful, community-backed integrations as well as the security, scalability, and high-availability of AWS.

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Optimization Strategies

Develop Strategies to Proactively Optimize Cloud Spending

Cost Analytics and Action

Make Smart Cloud Spending Decisions with Cost Analytics

Forecasting and Budgeting

Optimize Cloud Spending with Better Forecasting and Budgeting

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Take Control of Cloud Spending with Better Financial Governance

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