Financial Governance and Reporting

Take Control of Cloud Spending with Better Financial Governance

The drive to cloud means your technical spending isn’t determined by periodic capital expenditures that go through a lengthy review and provisioning process. Cloud resources are brought online, and cloud spending happens, at the moment the resource is needed. Self-service options mean even lower-level employees can purchase sophisticated technology. Cloud services brought online and abandoned can create significant expense.

Multiply these challenges by the multiple clouds and cloud services your organization uses and the spending really mounts up. VAST provides CloudHealth services to help you monitor your cloud spending and apply financial governance policies to the cloud. You get analytics reports that use spending and utilization data to identify opportunities to reduce costs through server consolidation; optimized reserved instance usage; and consistent application of policies across instances. You get insight, control, and better management of your cloud spending.

Cost Optimization

Cloud offers the potential to reduce your technology costs, as long as you choose the right-sized resources and manage them effectively. Cost optimization services from VAST provide insight into your cloud spending and cloud utilization and provide actionable plans to manage your cloud spending wisely.