Forecasting and Budgeting

Optimize Cloud Spending with Better Forecasting and Budgeting

Cloud lets you get the technology you need when you need it, right now. But you still need to estimate what you’ll need to spend later. Because your cloud infrastructure changes so dynamically and the moving parts are scattered across multiple cloud providers, getting the full picture and creating an accurate plan is difficult. You need better data that gives you a comprehensive picture of what you’re spending on cloud, how your cloud resources are utilized, and how that spending and utilization will change with anticipated changes in the business.

VAST’s CloudHealth services give you better data to feed into your forecasting and budgeting processes. It’s not just raw data, it’s data that’s analyzed and presented so you can identify trends and make sense of it by time period, by cloud provider, by business group. This is actionable data that lets you create forecasts, plan to consolidate instances, shutdown unneeded resources, and know where reserved instance spending makes sense. With this data you can not only plan for next year’s spending, you can make changes to improve this year’s spending and make sure you’re on track to match your budget.

Cost Optimization

Cloud offers the potential to reduce your technology costs, as long as you choose the right-sized resources and manage them effectively. Cost optimization services from VAST provide insight into your cloud spending and cloud utilization and provide actionable plans to manage your cloud spending wisely.