Protect Data from Today’s Threats with NetBackup’s Modern Backup Solution

Public cloud computing provides extreme flexibility and scalability to organizations of all sizes.  And with this flexibility comes unprecedented sprawl of data. Backing up and protecting all of these new data sources is a significant challenge. No matter whether data is lost through accidental deletion, device failure, deliberate corruption, or ransomware, the business imperative is to restore the data completely, correctly, and as rapidly as possible to minimize the impact. Old-fashioned backups that simply make copies of files don’t provide the protection data needs.  Veritas NetBackup provides data protection that modern workloads require, resilient to Ransomware, and also including:

  • Ability to Migrate & Disaster Recovery to/in/across Clouds
  • Kubernetes native workload protection and distribution portability
  • Support for DB PaaS such as Azure Managed SQL and AWS RDS/Aurora
  • Metadata aware Cloud Object Storage Protection for unlimited scalability
  • Protection for popular SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365 & Slack
  • Big Data Protection with Point-in-Time Recovery

Businesses need a modern backup solution, like Veritas NetBackup, that scales to handle today’s data volumes and guards against today’s risks to data. With NetBackup, businesses can:

  • Protect all data in all environments. Veritas protects cloud, virtual machines, and physical servers. With CloudPoint, automated discovery ensures all cloud systems are included, and a single dashboard allows monitoring and management of backup and restore procedures in every cloud.
  • Ensure data is usable. Through integration with third-party applications and databases, NetBackup creates application consistent backups that let you restore data that’s complete, consistent, and ready for use.
  • Minimize backup downtime. NetBackup Accelerator backs up only changed blocks, and NetBackup Parallel Streaming optimizes cluster backups.
  • Minimize business risks. NetBackup Resiliency with immutable storage protects backups from ransomware. NetBackup encrypts data both in transit and at rest to protect against unauthorized access. Near real-time data replication minimizes potential data loss.
  • Prepare for disaster recovery. Rapidly recover data in place or restore it in another cloud region. Instant access to backup images makes locating needed backups simple, and NetBackup Granular Recovery Technology lets you scale recovery from individual files to entire disk images. Integrate with Veritas Resiliency Platform to orchestrate complex recovery processes.

VAST provides complete support for Veritas NetBackup, including installation, managed services, and full monitoring and alerting to prevent any backup failures from impacting your ability to recover files when you need them.

NetBackup Consultation

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