Get Reliable a Modern Backup Solution With NetBackup and VAST IT

No matter whether data is lost through accidental deletion, device failure, or deliberate corruption, the business imperative is to restore the data completely, correctly, and as rapidly as possible to minimize the impact.

NetBackup from Veritas offers a modern backup solution that makes it possible for enterprises to reliably backup all their data. Environments built on cloud, virtual machines, or physical servers can all be protected with a solution that scales to match the growth of your data and infrastructure. Through integration with third-party applications and databases, NetBackup creates consistent backups that let you restore applications, not just files. As a single solution that backs up everything that’s important to your business, NetBackup simplifies backup management and streamlines file restoration.

VAST provides complete support for Veritas NetBackup, including installation, managed services, and full monitoring and alerting to prevent any backup failures from impacting your ability to recover files when you need them.