Backups are critical to keeping your business going. In case of a crisis, complete, consistent backups let you recover your business data and resume operations. The importance of these backups grows as your business does. The irony of these backups is that making a complete, consistent copy of your data often brings your system down. Not only do applications need to shutdown to make sure the captured data is consistent, the backups put heavy load on the network, impacting anyone trying to work with another application. And when a situation arises where you need to use the data that you captured to a backup medium, finding the right data and bringing it back on line is complex and time-consuming.

Use the Right Tools to Streamline Backup

Using the right tools can help streamline the backup process and reduce the impact of downtime. For enterprise-grade backups, businesses need a scalable solution that can keep pace with the growth of data and perform smart, fast backups that help manage the process and minimize the impact. Veritas NetBackup has a track record of solving the backup problem, helping companies to backup large volumes with minimal disruption.

Veritas NetBackup solves the cloud conundrum, as well. The cloud offers great benefits for companies as a backup solution, because it’s always available and infinitely expandable. But that non-local storage requires the network to reach it, meaning performance impacts. With special cloud connectors, NetBackup improves the performance of backups with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

No matter the backup target, large amounts of data are backed up efficiently by using other features. Deduplication reduces the volume of data to be backed up. The NetBackup Accelerator lets full backups run as efficiently as incremental backups. NetBackup integrates with databases, messaging systems, and other transactional applications, assuring consistent backups and transaction logs with minimal downtime.

NetBackup’s management tools take advantage of multiplexing and load balancing to make backups scalable and efficient, and include policies that prevent overloading your hypervisors. Even on-demand backups and restorations are streamlined with the self-service interface.

Create a Backup Strategy

Choosing your backup tool should be part of implementing a well thought out backup strategy. As participants in the Veritas Technical Support Partner Program, dcVast offers both managed backup services and backup support services using Veritas NetBackup.

We’ll work with you to define an optimal backup process that will minimize the risk of losing critical data, then implement and manage the process using the suite of Veritas backup and data management products. You’ll get the industry-standard tools for executing and monitoring strategic backups, plus reporting and policy reviews that ensure you know what’s going on with your data and can plan your response to any upcoming changes.

When there’s a disaster or other reason to restore from backup files, our team is available 24×7 to work through the process and ensure your full recovery of the necessary data. Contact us for an IT Health Check and to discuss how Veritas NetBackup can minimize your backup downtime.