Data never serves just one purpose in business. It’s copied and pulled into new databases to serve development, testing, analytics, and other purposes far removed from the original reason it was collected. Creating these data copies takes time that delays tasks from being completed. In addition, every copy of data increases the risk that an unauthorized user can gain access, so security, data protection, and compliance needs increase.

Copy data management tools help companies reduce these problems by making it easier to create and manage copies of data. The new DataLabs from Veeam goes further with copy data management, enabling companies to easily create isolated copies of the production environment and automatically cleaning them up when the data is no longer needed.

More Than Just A Copy of Data

Rather than just copying data, Veeam DataLabs creates a sandbox that isolates data from production. Self-service capability lets development and test teams access data when they need it, streamlining processes and enabling DevTest, DevOps, and DevSecOps to deliver the agility businesses are striving for. Veeam DataLabs uses Universal Storage APIs and supports integration with Veeam’s partners, letting the non-production users work with application-consistent snapshots as well as backup files.

Enabling On-Demand Sandboxes

To enable users to work with on-demand sandboxes, you need to configure Virtual Lab, Application Group, and SureBackup. Together, these components let you define the related workloads that are needed to create a consistent application environment that contains all necessary dependencies and create a schedule for running the sandbox. The data is created as a new datastore in the virtual lab environment and create the configuration files necessary to run the virtual machine. When you’re done with the environment, Veeam handles the cleanup, too.

With this functionality, your development team can access the latest version of production data without any impact on the production environment or any need for assistance from operations teams to make and install copies.

Find Ways to Make the Most of Your Data

dcVAST supports our clients in getting the most value from their data. In addition to supporting Veeam, we provide support for Veritas NetBackup, which also provides copy data management functionality. Cohesity offers a hyperconverged solution designed to support the needs of secondary storage. NetApp Data Fabric smooths the process of transferring data between clouds in a hybrid environment.

Our professional services team will work with you to understand your requirements and implement solutions that make it easy to protect and manage your critical data. Contact us to learn about your options and discover how your data can do more for your business.

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