Recently, the FBI, the NSA, and other departments have issued a joint security alert. This is an urgent joint security alert, and it marks the uncovering of malicious cyber tools that may be used against the nation. This issue unveiled that this industrial control malware has the capability of taking control of the entire industrial control system in the US.

In other words, the US is warning people that they may be in cyberwar against another nation that has deployed malicious warfare against the critical IT infrastructure of the nation. These nationwide attacks and threats are becoming more and more prevalent after conflicts with Russia. You have to therefore determine where you stand in this situation as a small business.

Other reports say that there is a strong chance that Russia has deployed malicious cyberattacks to shut down various government infrastructures. More specifically, they believe that they are targeting the energy infrastructure, liquid gas facilities, and electrical grids. This malware can open up the security loopholes of the country’s IT infrastructure and also make networks of small to mid-sized businesses vulnerable.

Overall, having a weak nationwide infrastructure can cause a ripple effect in other parts of the private sector and other industries. In even more critical instances, cyber-attacks on infrastructures that control physical infrastructure can even be threatening to human lives.

The Timing of Nation Attacks

These alerts do not specifically name Russia as being solely responsible for these threats. Given the geopolitical situation, experts believe that the victim behind these attacks is Russia. President Biden, in his latest statement pertaining to the nation’s cyber security, has said, “I have previously warned about the potential that Russian could conduct malicious cyber activity against the United States.” He went on to say that these attacks are a response to the economic sanction imposed on Russia.

The US and its strong allies have also helped the United States weaken Russia’s economic standings so that they can stop the disastrous attacks on the fellow neighboring country of Ukraine. In his statement, he makes it clear that the US administration is reiterating the possibility that the Russian government is evolving intelligence to conduct possible cyberattacks. To overcome this threat, President Biden has mandated the federal government to turn its focus on strengthening national cyber defense.

To understand the intensity of this threat and the scope at which it can cause disasters, you have to understand more about cyber warfare and whether you should be worried about it.

Cyber Warfare

In the 21st century, most operations worldwide rely on internet connections. It has an essential asset to the world. However, cyberspace today is up for grabs, and it is an area where the powerful can compete with each other. Cyberwarfare is an example of open warfare, which involves tactics, tools, and other means for inflicting damage to another country and achieving success.

There are many advantages of waging war in cyberspace. One of them is that a cyberattack does not require you to cover vast distances to carry out an attack. It is also much cheaper, as companies do not have to spend time trying to reach their targets. These types of attacks are also untraceable and often unidentifiable, which increases their appeal.

You can use cyberspace to steal highly confidential and valuable data, which you can then utilize for your benefit. One such example of an attack such as this is ransomware. This is a malware attack in which valuable stolen data is used to extract ransom money from organizations.

This cyber-attack uses deceptive means to gain credentials that help them penetrate into the systems of other companies. By doing this, they lock away their data in encryptions and provide the decryption key after they receive their payment.

The Purpose of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are not solely conducted for monetary gain, but they can also be organized to spread propaganda, tamper with critical results, and spread fear. This is why cyber warfare can take shape in many forms, including cyberbullying.

Countries around the world today register hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks on a daily basis. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Moreover, if your business or enterprise consists of many devices connected to the internet, then you are even under greater threat.

These devices are likely to have some connection with your central system. The perpetrators can use this pathway to either gain control of your data or cause collateral damage to your organization.

What can You Do?

The cyber security threat is a very serious one. You have to take certain precautions to protect your company’s information. The first thing that you can do is mandate basic security practices in your business and within the members of your company. Also, equip your networks with a strong data backup system. Also, make sure to only trust authorized sources online, and learn how to identify them.

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