The benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure make it a good fit for many different data center projects. It can lower your total cost of ownership, increase the productivity of your IT team, and help you bring cloud’s advantages into the data center. Use cases where you should consider using hyperconverged infrastructure include: 

Private cloud. If you have data and projects that are too sensitive to trust to public cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure lets you bring the benefits of cloud into your data center. When some projects need public cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure easily integrates to create a hybrid cloud environment. 

Digital transformation projects. Digital transformation is largely about increasing the agility of your organization. Adopting hyperconverged infrastructure can be less disruptive than migrating to the cloud while offering the same self-service, on-demand capability. 

Virtual desktop infrastructure. Simplify support of desktop computers by substituting virtual desktops instead. With hyperconverged infrastructure, you’ve got expandable capacity to support as many desktop devices as your business requires. 

Remote office support and redundancy. Place hyperconverged infrastructure in remote offices to simplify support where you have limited technical staff. The multiple nodes plus replication to your main data center allow you to provide high availability and backup and disaster recovery capability. This applies to other “edge” locations, as well. 

Data center refresh and consolidation. Replace obsolete technology with hyperconverged infrastructure to modernize and simplify your data center. With the hyperconverged infrastructure in place, you eliminate SAN, storage controllers, and storage arrays. There’s a smaller physical footprint along with a simplified support requirement. 

Empowering test and development teams. Provide your development staff with the environments they need when they need them. If your teams have been utilizing unapproved cloud environments to get the development resources they need, you can bring them back in house with hyperconverged infrastructure. 

Increasing IT operations productivity. If a core concern is making your IT operations team more effective, hyperconverged infrastructure helps by streamlining support. Through increasing automation, reducing silos, and eliminating the need for a separate storage management team, hyperconverged infrastructure allows IT operations to be more efficient. 

Implementing a green data center. Hyperconverged infrastructure can help your public image by making your data center environmentally friendly. With a reduced size footprint as well as lower power and cooling requirements, hyperconverged infrastructure is a green solution. 

Streamlining backups and disaster recovery. If you’ve discovered weaknesses in your backup and disaster recovery strategies, hyperconverged infrastructure can help you solve the problem. Built-in high availability with automatic failover, plus integrated data protection solutions, reduce the complexity of protecting against downtime. 

Are you addressing one of these use cases? VAST IT Services provides design, implementation, and support for hyperconverged infrastructure solutions including Nutanix, NetApp, and Cohesity. Contact us to learn more about bringing the value of hyperconverged infrastructure to your business.