Modern data security and environments continue to get more complex. It is one of the main reasons cybersecurity vendors offer a variety of data security solutions to companies. Whether you run a small firm or assume the responsibilities of a CIO for a large firm, you have to focus on the right data security products to run secure operations.

On top of capital costs, it has also become crucial for companies to address operational issues efficiently. But it all comes down to integrating robust data security products for your specific network environment. 2021 Data Breach report from Verizon highlights that the best way to simplify and improve data security strategy is to focus on more strategic control access for sensitive information.

Now, these data control parameters can involve maintaining inventory, limiting access to cloud providers, and encrypting the most sensitive data. In most cases, it’s the misconfiguration of access controls that leads to data breaches.

What Should be Your Approach

The approach of the organizations should not be to mindlessly integrate a wide range of data security products. Instead, take a step back and try to simplify your entire data security protocol. In the quest to improve data security and enforce strict data regulatory requirements, companies implement security solutions like advanced perimeter firewalls, internal firewalls, IPS, IDS, UTM, etc.

But each data security tools come with its specific set of perks and limitations. And failure to simplify data security often makes the network vulnerable to external and internal threats. When it comes to data security, businesses can take advantage of the most recent and advanced tech innovations.

Besides, the last thing you need is to overwhelm, overburden, or compromise your security infrastructure with additional security solutions. Opt for data security solutions and tactics that can help you efficiently secure, track, and scale up your entire business data without having to spend more costs. Software-based data security is a wonder and enterprises will have to learn to make the most out of it.

Here are some of the best practices to simplify your data security:

Combine Access Controls with Identity

One of the best ways to simplify your data security is to tie together your access control parameters with individual identities. This approach allows companies to ensure top-notch cybersecurity. In fact, cybersecurity experts and CEOs concur that verifying identities along with specific data access controls is arguably the best way to simplify data security.

This approach makes sure there is no violation of access control parameters for data. It may sound like a straightforward tactic, but it has the power to change the dynamics of data and improve overall cybersecurity. Whether you want to build data-based network perimeters or assume potential security compromises around data, using access controls for independent identities works wonders.

Leverage Cryptography to Simplify and Secure Data

One of the most effective and utilized ways to simplify and secure your data is to put in place an encryption strategy. And once you encrypt your data – you will only decrypt it when there is a proper authorization. This, in turn, propels data to move across storage and network more smoothly. It also allows propels applications to use sensitive data with more efficiency. Think of encrypting your data through the lens of preserving your organizational data.

Centralize Visibility

In a competitive business landscape, data visibility allows businesses to maintain cybersecurity. But centralizing data visibility extends beyond the network level – it involves operational workload, accessible servers, and multiple devices in use across different locations.

You can opt for an all-in-one security solution to manage your data endpoints and servers. Once there is a continuous data flow between hosts, you can achieve granular visibility. For instance, you can review “how” users are accessing critical assets and applications. This would allow you to determine potential risks faster and step up your network and data visibility at the same time.

Adopt Micro-Segmentation

Cybersecurity no longer has to revolve around physical perimeters to avoid external threats. Most organizations have started to realize most of their data breaches were the result of internal threats. Micro-segmentation of data is an effective and practice security solution. It allows companies to separate their security network environments to avoid misuse of valuable applications and data cross-contamination.

Ensure Data Compliance and Compatibility

Adhering to data compliance and ensuring data compatibility is a standard practice to improve and simplify your data security. If you want to maintain a sophisticated and stress-free position on your data security, then make sure to comply with regulatory standards like HIPAA and PCI-DSS 4.0 for your specific industry.

Don’t Forget to Innovate

When it comes to data security, you have to be innovative and focus on software-based security solutions to simplify your overall cybersecurity. This approach helps companies gain more visibility, roll our more streamlined security policies, and adapt granular data segmentation in the blink of an eye.

Sum Up

In hindsight, there is no need to add more data security products when you can just simplify and streamline your data security standards. The fact of the matter is that most enterprises run operations in complex and security environments that revolve around private cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-site servers. But if you decide to add more security layers to the network and data, it would create more complexity across different segments of the data.

Through Bitglass, you can simplify your data security with a dedicated native platform. In line with Bitglass, you can seek out the specialist service of VAST to simplify your entire cloud security. With two cybersecurity leaders by your side, you can simplify and improve your data security with new standards. With Bitglass and VAST, you can count on a comprehensive and tactical approach to help you simplify your data security. Reach out to us to find out more information about data security.