CRN or the Channel Company has been the leading voice when it comes to recognizing software and channels. Channel is a term that is used very heavily in the IT industry, and this is what the Channel Company is based on. When you think about technology, you either have manufacturers or innovators that make solutions.

They also have customers that want to get solutions out to the people. They will then work through a channel, which is simply a mediator between the producer of technology and the consumer. Every industry has a channel, and when it comes to management service provider industry in the IT realm, CRM is one of the biggest channels.

For this reason, VAST services being featured in CRNs top 500 Management Service Provider list is a huge deal. CRN’s annual MSP 500 list recognizes some of the best IT service providers across the North American region. MSPs or managed service providers have stood out as key entities for businesses that have struggled with the onslaught of the pandemic.

This is why CRN decided to give deserved recognition and appreciation to the top MSPs responsible for the continuation of commerce through online means. Managed IT services are when you bring a third party to take over your IT management for you.

Managed IT Services and their Key Role

What normally happens for a business owner is that they start their business with a few people and they take care of the IT themselves. However, in the age of today, IT vulnerabilities and dependency is climbing new heights. One of the reason for that is the pandemic-driven remote and hybrid work models. Businesses are now left to implement a remote work model which requires complex IT upgrades.

Not to mention, retail business are now finding much more successful when moving processes to the e-commerce platform. This newfound reliability of digital integration has increased the value of Managed service providers since they specialize in offering businesses scalable growth opportunities.

Therefore, small to mid-sized businesses are likely to outsource their IT services to MSPs. They are able to remotely manage your IT infrastructure while you can focus on running other business operations. They offer a single solution that help businesses fulfill a number of technological needs. There are many different areas that MSPs can handle.

Companies like VAST offer a wide range of services in multiple areas, which is why they have made it in the list of CRNs top providers for 2022. VAST will offer services along the lines of network and infrastructure, support services, cloud migration, security, data analytics and more.

Thanks to their multitude of services, VAST enables businesses to easily move to the cloud. Having services available on the cloud remotely rids business from having to spend too much on infrastructure.Due to such efforts of VAST, customers and businesses have put their faith onto the company, and this has amounted to CRNs recognition. Their confidence towards VAST encourages the company to continue providing actionable services for mission critical applications.

VAST Qualities

The qualities which led VAST to list in the top 500 MSP providers are key aspects that you should consider when you are trying to look for a managed service provider. Aspects such as responsiveness are one that VAST is proud to portray. The company has always been quick to response to all issues, queries and concerns of their client.

Other aspects include security, backup and recovery, and more. Thanks to VAST’s focus towards security, it stands out as one of best security providers in the highly vulnerable cyber environment of today. The other thing involves data accessibility, and for many organizations, you need to make sure that your data is fluid and replaceable so that any instance of a breach is covered.

At VAST, IT managers are firm believers of implementing a backup and recovery plan, and providing businesses with the best business continuity plan which is specific to their business model. This personalized care for customers have lead to the overwhelming customer satisfaction report, which is evident through CRN’s recognition.

Customer data is everything, and it is very easy when you are in the cloud to switch between services. Adding and removing changes is a routine practice for a business. In the midst of all IT activity, VAST’s advanced backup and monitoring services endures that your data’s integrity is not affected.


Since many services are also moving to the cloud, VAST is able to integrate remote monitoring and management, or RMM. Businesses that have VAST as partners can incorporate tools which help you remotely log into the system network and monitor software on your dashboard.

For business leaders, this option offers them more control of all business processes. Not to mention, you can also be more proactive and alert all issues quickly to the team.  This level of monitoring and control is also paired with an incredibly quick response that happens remotely.

The Channel Company

The channel company offers breakthrough media products that help service providers and consumers get the best IT services. They help companies get ahead of decision makers at a business level. They also bring solutions and services to light for both consumers and service providers.

CRM is one of the most prominent brands in the industry that covers the IT channel. They write and report all the emerging stories of the IT world in the North American region. Their audience is the solution providers, making them the trusted voice for MSPs and businesses. Many leaders look to them to find out about the industry. They also host events that are aimed at solution providers and customers. This allows all media reports and writings to get more engagement.

MSP 500 List

As you can see, VAST is doing wonders and CRN is covering their progress and highlighting their services. VAST’s approach of shifting to a hybrid model focus is doing numbers that are difficult to ignore. The President of VAST, Bob Swanson is forever grateful for the customers that have helped get this recognition.