VAST, being an Illinois based service in the IT industry is not short of milestones. The most recent achievement of the leading IT Company takes shape in the form of CIO Magazine recognition. This magazine researches and documents some of the most promising recent happenings in the IT industry. In the most recent Cloud Cost Management edition, VAST was mentioned among the Top 10 most promising cloud cost management solution providers.

Getting recognized by such a premium print ad digital technology magazine for Senior IT management puts VAST amongst the upper echelons of the Cloud Services Platform. In their notes, they mentioned VAST to being a unique service that offers a wide array of solutions to enterprises, making their cloud migration process comprehensive, thorough and easy.

The other cloud service providers mentioned in the list are the choice of a recognized panel. They consist of CEOs, CIOs, Analysts, editorial boards and other leaders of the industry. The winners that were presented with the award checked the list of having qualities of a top Cloud Service Provider. Factor such as competency, client reviews, milestones, recognition and press releases were key determining elements.

Vast as a Cloud Management Service

Today, companies that have IT professionals that take care of cloud computing strategies are ones most likely to prosper. Employing cloud computing strategies within your business is starting to become a critical prerequisite. In broader terms, cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits. Cloud computing is the new rise in technology where businesses are moving away from having local on-premise machines and IT infrastructure.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, more sectors of business are relying on cloud computing services. There is even a study in the US that showed that 90% of the financial services are using some form of cloud computing due to the rapid shift to remote work model. This shows that cloud computing is booming.

Cloud Migration, and the Different Models

Cloud computing is your IT infrastructure in a data center. Typically, businesses do not know where this data center is, not do they own the underlying physical hardware. For instance, in a cloud computing environment, business are  able to purchase computing power, storage space, database and other functions that on-premise infrastructure provides.

In terms of the existing models of cloud computing, you will find two main models. The first being the public cloud, while the second is the private cloud. A private cloud refers to a storage and virtual solution that is owned by only a single company. Compared to this, a public cloud relates to an infrastructure that is massively shared. This means that there can be thousands of business on one virtual infrastructure that are sharing resources and co-locating services.

VAST’s Cost Effective Solutions

VAST ensures the availability of all types of cloud models and approaches. By doing this, VAST is able to streamline and strategize a business’s cloud migration strategy so that they can continue forth with easy and cost-effective cloud migration. VAST has been a pivotal driving force in preventing businesses from breaking their budget for cloud migration endeavors.

For a business to migrate to the cloud, they need to evaluate their on-premise data centers so that they can accurately migrate a portion of their services to the cloud. Many of the enterprises struggle to get workloads away from the on-premise infrastructure and towards the cloud. When you migrate enterprise workloads to private or public cloud without proper evaluation, it can lead to overly costly and troublesome migration.

This is where VAST comes in; as it helps companies avoid overspending on computing resources and instance types that they do not need. Not only that, VAST also takes their services a step further, and helps businesses implement governance and usage policies for their development team. Furthermore, the company is also in possession of various cost-saving cloud migration devices that businesses can vastly benefit form.

Due to VAST’s incredible cost management abilities when cloud migrating, it earned the recognition in the top ten for cost-effective Cloud Providers.

Aiding Enterprises for Effective Expenditure through Hybrid Migration Model

Hybrid Cloud is a Multi-solution approach that is changing the game for enterprises. Hybrid Cloud boils down as a mixture of a private and public IT environment. Essential, the two cloud types work in tandem to run your workloads and applications. VAST enables companies to use this multiple model approach, so that they can reap the benefits from both migration types, while avoid some of the costly setbacks at the same time.

Utilizing both the cloud models offer benefits that scale beyond the scope of only expenditure saved, they also help you move the ERP layer to the public cloud from the private cloud. This back and forth sharing of layers helps distribute the workload and also runs operations in a more orchestrated and efficient manner.

Taking advantage of a public cloud while predominantly running operations on a private cloud allows you access to seemingly endless public resources. This helps businesses scale their applications and features. Another advantage is that it frees businesses to be locked in with a specific vendor.

According to the Swanson (President of VAST), the future is moving towards hybrid models of cloud, where businesses will leverage from portable workload resources between private and public cloud. The key driving factor when utilizing this model will be the accessibility and aggregation of data in multiple areas of the cloud.

Final Thoughts

VAST is making noise as a leading Cloud Service in the IT industry. Thanks to innovative and versatile approach, along with their persistence and dedication to serve the client, they have become a recognized entity in the recent CIO Review Magazine.

Benefiting from their services will surely help you stay ahead of the curb in the rapidly evolving IT industry. Leverage from their unconventional, yet unified approach and introduce your workload to more interoperable and scalable functionality.

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