Switching to hyperconverged infrastructure in your data center has a big impact on your day-to-day operations; that’s the goal, to simplify the routine support and expansion requirements. Along with reviewing hyperconvergence from the perspectives of hardware, processing, and storage, it should be reviewed in terms of data protection, as well. In fact, there are two ways of viewing hyperconvergence and data protection: first, the built-in data protection hyperconverged systems offer primary storage, and second, new ways of using hyperconverged systems to support secondary storage.

Data Protection on Hyperconverged Primary Storage

In the primary data world, performance and availability are the key metrics related to data protection. You may question whether data protection is even a requirement, given the distributed architecture of hyperconverged systems. In fact, traditional data protection software, with agents deployed on the servers, can have a negative impact on hyperconverged systems performance. Additionally, service level agreements can be difficult to meet given the ongoing growth of data.

Hyperconverged primary systems like Nutanix include data replication and snapshots to ensure data availability and minimal downtime due to node failures. Using built-in data protection on hyperconverged primary storage means there’s no need to invest in additional data protection software.

The integrated backup and disaster recovery software make monitoring and managing these jobs part of the device console; policies are defined for each VM running on the system so protection levels are tailored to application needs. The data is compressed before being replicated to local or cloud storage, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage for Data Protection

Secondary storage is driven by the need for storage density and immutability, along with easy support on devices that are rarely accessed to meet production needs.

Cohesity’s hyperconverged secondary storage consolidates the disparate devices used for backup storage onto a single device, with the compute capability that supports running analytics directly on the secondary storage device, eliminating the need to make additional copies of data for analytics or application development and testing purposes. Data can also be shared with the cloud to support long-term archival needs.

Integrate Data Protection and Hyperconvergence

dcVAST provides managed services for both Nutanix and Cohesity, allowing you to seamlessly integrate hyperconverged primary and secondary storage into your data center. Our professional services team works to understand the challenges you’re experiencing in data center and storage management and to develop a solution tailored to simplify your operations. Once deployed, our managed services ensure optimal functioning of the solution even as your requirements continue to evolve. Contact us to learn more about making hyperconvergence part of your data protection solution.