Companies get several benefits from using the public cloud: expert management of their technical infrastructure; low costs and pay-for-use servers; high availability; and easy scalability. For companies that don’t quite trust the public cloud to keep their mission critical applications running and their confidential data safe, private cloud offers many of the benefits of cloud without placing their data in a shared environment.

Hyperconverged infrastructure such as Nutanix offers one alternative to public cloud. These systems combine compute and storage into a single system designed to reside within the corporate data center and scale easily. However, they don’t offer all the benefits of public cloud. In order to scale quickly, companies still need to buy equipment before they need it, and because companies own their equipment, they’re also responsible for all the maintenance and support.

Managed private cloud and virtual private cloud services let companies get the security and control that comes with keeping the company’s infrastructure and data within the corporate network while still getting the benefit of expert management of their cloud.

Managed Private Cloud In Corporate Data Centers

It’s possible to bring expert support into the corporate data center with managed services. These offerings, like dcVAST’s managed Nutanix service, let companies retain all cloud infrastructure on premises while freeing their own staff from routine system management processes. Certified Nutanix engineers help configure the infrastructure to meet the company’s processing needs, and 24×7 support services monitor and respond to any problems.

Virtual Private Cloud

Another option for supported private clouds is to have a virtual private cloud. Virtual private cloud moves a company’s private cloud out of their data center into a shared, multi-tenant environment, but keeps the data and network isolated. This model, available from providers like Amazon Web Services, gives companies the support, cost, and on-demand scalability benefits of public cloud while providing the additional security and compliance of a private cloud.

Virtual private cloud can also simplify the use of hybrid cloud, simplifying connectivity to the cloud provider’s public cloud. Through using network subnets and virtual private networks, companies can easily control access to the private cloud, allowing some instances to be accessible from the public Internet while others are fully private.

While the cloud vendor provides their expertise to support the hardware environment, it’s also possible to gain a further level of support with managed services that monitor and support the environment to make sure the company’s applications run properly.

Making sense of cloud options can be difficult, and while one of the benefits of cloud is simplicity, making the mood to cloud can be complex. If you have questions about which approach to cloud is right for you, dcVAST can help you review your options and design and support your preferred solution. Our team uses Nutanix to build web scale, private cloud solutions in your data center. We’re also experts in the entire scope of AWS services and can show you how to integrate the leading cloud provider into your private cloud. Contact us to learn more about how you can use private cloud to achieve your business goals.