It’s easy to find reasons not to do upgrades: they take time and take staff away from performing tasks that add business value. When it comes to NetBackup 8.3, however, it’s easy to find business value that justifies investing the time.

Although backups are a considered a routine maintenance function, they have immense business value. Protecting data allows businesses to recover from ransomware and other malware attacks, as well as other disasters that disrupt operations. Backups and archival copies of historical data enable businesses to run big data analytics and gain insights that help run the business more efficiently or identify new business opportunities.

But traditional backups are time consuming, difficult to manage, and don’t protect businesses comprehensively. Different workloads require different backup solutions, making it difficult to support the process. Cloud has changed where data resides and requires different strategies for protecting IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. Scattered and inconsistent backup solutions make satisfying governance requirements difficult.

NetBackup 8.3 offers a solution that provides comprehensive and consistent protection across multiple workload types, both on premises and in the cloud. A single user interface across all platforms provides simplicity and enables the backup process to easily scale. Access controls and encryption, plus immutability, provide security and protection against ransomware. Taken together, these features eliminate those challenges of traditional backups.

Multiple Workload Types

NetBackup provides a backup solution for multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and various flavors of Linux and Unix. However you’ve chosen to virtualize your systems, NetBackup can back it up: it supports VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, and Red Hat Virtualization, plus Docker, Azure Stack, and Open Stack. It provides consistent database and application backups for Oracle, SAP, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Exchange Server, and other systems.

Flexible Backup Targets

NetBackup Allows you to choose your backup target, including cloud storage in Amazon, Azure, and Google. Other storage options include a variety of integrated storage appliances. Of course, traditional disk and tape are still supported, as well.

Secure Backups

Immutable backups are protected against ransomware’s malicious encryption.

Minimal Downtime

Shutting down systems for backups isn’t an option in a 24×7 world. NetBackup Accelerator eliminates the need for full backups. In addition, NetBackup uses parallel streaming to speed backup and restore of clusters.

Auto Image Replication and snapshot replication ensure backup copies are stored at multiple locations. When unplanned downtime happens, NetBackup provides instant access to backup images. Entire machines or specific items can be rapidly restored. Self-service database backups allow DBAs to manage backups and restores of critical data systems.

Learn more about the new features in NetBackup 8.3 and why you should upgrade by contacting VAST IT Services. Our comprehensive Veritas support allows you to leverage NetBackup and the entire suite of Veritas products to more effectively manage your business data.