As a result of the increase in remote working this past year, businesses are using collaboration tools more heavily than ever. These communications are subject to regulatory and compliance retention requirements, such as those applied to the financial and healthcare industries.

Capturing this unstructured data and making it searchable is made easier with Veritas Enterprise Vault and eDiscovery Platform, especially with the addition of Merge1, which enables an additional 80 content sources to flow into the system.

Non-Traditional Data Feeds

Veritas eDiscovery Platform supports critical electronic discovery needs including placing legal holds, searching archived data, and tagging stored data. But all of that only applies to the data that’s stored. Not that long ago, the critical data consisted primarily of email. Today, there are many more sources.

Merge1 captures data from a wide range of popular collaboration tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Cisco Webex Teams, Zoom Meetings, and Twitter. The data capture is comprehensive. For example, the Microsoft Teams data capture includes individual chats, group conversations, channel conversations, third party messages, and shared files. The data is made easy to use and search, presented as threads with the original links and images, as well as metadata such as the message time.

In addition to general collaboration tools, Merge1 can capture data from file sharing services such as Box, DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Industry-specific flows such as financial messaging on Bloomberg, Qtrade, and Yieldbroker are supported. Data can be captured from mobile device sources such as BlackBerry, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Benefits of Merge1 and Veritas

Merge1 is now owned by Veritas, but it can be used separately; it’s archive-independent, allowing you to integrate this data with your existing email data archive. Easy to set up and use, it can be installed on premises or used via SaaS. Critically, these features allow business data to remain private. Because it supports so many data sources, businesses can enforce uniform policies across all the platforms their employees rely on.

For existing users of Veritas, Merge1 can be easily integrated into your archiving and eDiscovery environments to gain control over additional data sources. Businesses that use Merge1 but are struggling with larger challenges of compliance can explore the Veritas suite of compliance products. These include Enterprise Vault for archiving, eDiscovery Platform for end-to-end support of the discovery lifecycle, and Data Insight for exploration of risks to data. VAST IT Services is a Veritas partner and offers support for all Veritas backup and compliance offerings. Whether you need to add Merge1 to your Veritas installation to incorporate additional data sources or want to use Veritas in addition to your Merge1 deployment, VAST IT Services will help you collect, store, and access your data securely. Contact us to learn more about Veritas and Merge1 and how they can make it easier to satisfy compliance mandates.