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5 Ways Your Cloud Provider Doesn’t Protect Your Data

If you’re planning to rely on your cloud provider to protect your data, you’re placing your business at risk. You can count on your cloud provider to take steps to provide physical security of the infrastructure, and, depending on your cloud model, they may apply...

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AWS COVID-19 Data Lake

AWS has set up a large data lake employing S3 storage buckets filled with information and resources on COVID-19 to help medical researchers in the fight against the global pandemic. Making sense of many disparate data sets is critical for researchers to find ways to...

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Updating AWS RDS Certificates

As part of AWS’s standard security best practices for their Relational Database Service (RDS), a new certificate authority (CA) for RDS, Aurora and DocumentDB database instances is now available. The current CA expires on March 5, 2020, however, to avoid interruption...

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