The operating system you choose provides the foundation for all the applications you run. For the flexibility needed for agile development processes, Linux is the operating system of choice. For Oracle shops, the Linux of choice should be Oracle Linux.

That’s because the OS determines how developers work. With Oracle Linux, you get an environment designed to make things easy on developers.

Speed and Simplify Development

First, Oracle Linux is designed to support developers whatever they’re building and wherever it needs to run. Oracle Linux works both in the cloud and on premises. Its “autonomous” features mean the platform is updated and tuned automatically. Your developers enjoy a stable, high-performing platform in which to do their work.

Oracle-specific development is simplified through the use of Oracle VM Templates. These preconfigured, integrated configurations allow rapid deployment of Oracle solutions. The templates have an automated installation process, so development isn’t delayed waiting for admins to build development and test environments or while developers struggle through an unfamiliar deployment process. Developers get to spend their time on productive development and test work.

You can even entirely eliminate the need to build your own Oracle environment and avoid performance problems by using one of Oracle’s appliances, preconfigured with the operating system, Oracle Database, storage, and networking. There’s a range of appliances designed to handle specific kinds of workloads, including transaction processing and analytics.

Streamline and Stabilize the Release Process

It’s not just about the database, either. The application release process is made more reliable with containers, and Oracle Linux supports both Oracle Container Runtime for Docker and Oracle Linux Container Services with Kubernetes. Make your environment even more stable by modeling infrastructure as code with tools like Terraform.

Deliver Superior Performance to End Users

In the end, of course, it’s not about the developers, though. It’s about the users. Oracle Database runs best on Oracle Linux. Oracle Linux is optimized from the start for Oracle products. By using Oracle Linux, you help developers work more easily, implement applications faster, and deliver a better experience to your end users.

VAST IT Services provides complete support for the full suite of Oracle products. Whether you run Oracle in your data center or take advantage of the features of the Oracle cloud, our professionals ensure you leverage the capabilities of Oracle to support your business needs. Contact VAST IT Services to learn more about how you can make your developers more productive and improve your end user experience by switching to Oracle Linux.

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